Why The Mighty Is My Only Vaporizer

Hey, this is Patrick. I’m the guy that tests all the vaporizers and chooses which ones we carry at Planet of the Vapes. I moved to Costa Rica a while back and the Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel was the only unit that came with me on that initial journey.  Sure I have a huge wall full of vapes down here now, but why only bring the Mighty that first trip down? Here’s why...

Why Buy The Mighty?

Best vapor quality

In my opinion, it delivers the best vapor quality out of all the portables on the market. The Crafty is the same, but I prefer the extra battery life of The Mighty.

Idiot proof

In my opinion, the Crafty and Mighty are really the only idiot proof portable convection vaporizers on the market.  There are other portable convection vapes, but the Crafty and Mighty are the only ones that you don't have to think about your technique.  It just does what it's supposed to do

As good as a desktop

The vapor quality is as good as a desktop. It’s one of the only portables that I will use at home that I don’t wish I was using a stationary vaporizer instead.

Works everywhere

It works everywhere that I vape. I can bring the Mighty to the beach, for a hike, to a dinner or keep on my bedside table for late night vape sessions.

If budget isn’t an issue and you want the best vapor quality out of a portable, the Crafty and Mighty are my top choices. They are some of the only portable vaporizers that I would recommend as a replacement for a stationary vaporizer.

Why Not To Buy The Mighty?

Not pocket friendly

If you need something that will fit in your pocket, the Mighty is not for you. I take my Mighty everywhere, but I carry it in a tote or a backpack.

$350 seems crazy

You think spending $350 on a vaporizer is crazy. There are plenty of great vaporizers for less than $200, even $100. You could buy an Arizer Extreme and have enough money leftover to buy 3 x Flowermates V5.0S.

You need fast heat up

You are looking for a portable with very fast heat up time. The Mighty takes 90-120 seconds to heat up. This lends itself to sessions more than a quick vape.

Just my two cents.

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