Why are e-cigarettes so popular?

With an estimated 2.1 million e-cigarette users now in the UK now is the time to consider why e-cigarettes are so popular in Britain. The main incentive is that the use of electronic cigarettes, compared to regular smoking, is less harmful to your overall health. Furthermore, there is a significantly reduced chance that second-hand vapour will be harmful to those around you compared to smoke.

It can be very difficult to find a real alternative to smoking, or even just cut down on your intake. This is why TABlites are sourcing and stocking the very best electronic cigarette products currently available; providing a cleaner alternative to regular smoking.

Here is a summary of the most important facts surrounding e-cigarettes.

Nicotine isn’t as harmful as you may think

People who smoke cigarettes are not actually addicted to the smoke itself. When someone inhales the smoke from a cigarette, they are actually feeding the addiction to the nicotine which is produced through the burning of tobacco leaves.

Nicotine itself is only as harmful as caffeine in coffee. However, the hundreds of other chemicals within the tar produced by cigarettes cause a plethora of other health issues; such as increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer. In this respect, e-cigarettes are designed to give people their nicotine fix but without inhaling any harmful smoke.

They can be used in public

Another positive use of e-cigarettes, and why you may have seen them being used more frequently, is that they can be used in public spaces, including indoors. This is because they do not emit harmful toxins and cause other health-related adverse effects to those around the vaper. There are also no lingering smells, no smoke alarms being set off, and no unpleasantness which may offend non-smokers. E-cigarettes take away all of the above and this is why many pubs, restaurants, cafes and other public places are allowing them to be used on their premises.

The health benefits

For many people, e-cigarettes are a healthier and more practical alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. In fact, 11% of smokers are now using electronic cigarettes (stated in a March 2014 Action on Smoking and Health report). People are well aware that smoking is the largest cause of premature death in the United Kingdom and are trying to make the switch. Safer alternatives are becoming a huge advantage to both smokers and non-smokers.

When switching to e-cigarettes, users often say they experience a noticeable difference in terms of their health and well-being. This is undoubtedly a change for the better. When overall health and fitness improves, then users can drastically reduce their risk of disease and cancer.


In order to aid this transition, e-cigarettes come in a range of flavours; from Cherry Cola, to Orange, and even Kiwi. This is welcoming information for people who might feel apprehensive about switching to e-cigarettes and want to get away from the taste of tobacco and the associations that would linger. Furthermore, the odour which has for so long been associated with traditional cigarettes will no longer be an issue.

If you would like any advice about e-cigarettes, please contact us at TABlites. Our friendly staff are happy to offer their guidance and recommend a variety of e-cigarette products, such as our starter kits and a variety of ‘mods’.

For what reason have you switched to using e-cigarettes? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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