Which E-Cigarette is Right for Me?

How much should you spend on getting started with e-cigarettes?

When it comes to spending on your first e-cigarette there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Obviously you don’t want to spend loads of cash on something that isn’t right for you. Spending a huge amount of money on an e-cigarette that you don’t like or that is a bit too advanced for you is basically throwing your money away, as you wont use it.

The opposite end of the scale though is spending too little; sure you can pick up something resembling an e-cigarette starter pack from pretty much anywhere at the moment. Trouble is, the vast majority of these, lets say ‘budget’, models are low quality and you’ll find yourself not getting a satisfying vape, getting burned flavours, or the device simply not working suddenly, with no way of getting it fixed or replaced.

At TABlites our Cyclone V4 Starter Kit is just £24.99 and contains everything you need to get started with e-cigarettes, including e-liquid!

TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit

Choosing your first starter kit

It’s important to look at a few different options when you go to choose your starter kit, and bear a few question in mind that you can ask the person in the shop, or get in touch if the information you’re looking for isn’t available online.

Most starter kits are aimed at new vapers just starting out on their vaping journey, but some kits are geared more towards vapers who want to take their vaping a step further.

Starter kits for beginners

If you’ve never used one before your best course of action is going to be picking up a Starter Kit, like the TABlites Cyclone V4 Kit.

These kits will have everything you need to get started with vaping; a battery, a clearomiser or atomiser tank, a charger and in the Cyclone V4 a bottle of e-liquid too.
This is the easy way to begin vaping. These kits will usually have been put together from parts that work well with each other to provide a satisfying experience.

If you have used an e-cigarette before don’t dismiss the Cyclone V4 straight away, either. If you’ve been using a regular eGo-style device that you can find almost anywhere you may be interested in the variable power output and superior quality of the V4. It’s designed to be adjusted easily through a push button system to give a tailored vaping sensation that suits you.

The MT3 Clearomiser that comes in the kit gives fantastic flavour and a good satisfying amount of vapour on any of the three power settings. It’s a great upgrade to a basic e-cigarette, and it’s also handy for those who perhaps don’t want to carry their larger mods around with them.

Cyclone MT3 Clearomiser

Starter kits for advanced vapers

There are ‘starter kits’ for more advanced vapers too.

If you’re looking for a great mod and ‘cloud tank’ combo, for example, the Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus is a great high-power mod that comes packaged with Innokin’s fantastic iSub G Cloud Tank.

Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus in Black with iSub G

Why would you want to get a ‘cloud tank’?

Well cloud tanks are designed to produce large, satisfying clouds of vapour by using thick (‘high VG’ which means anything above 50% VG in the base liquid. The more VG, the thicker the liquid), low strength (3mg or 6mg are ideal) e-liquids.

To effectively use Cloud Tanks you will need a device that is able to run at relatively high power. Usually this is measured in wattage, so 25 watts is probably the lowest end of the ‘high power’ range.

This is because cloud tanks operate using very low resistance atomiser coils. Usually below one ohm resistance, hence their other name ‘Sub-Ohm Tanks’. In order to heat these coils quickly and efficiently they need a high power device, low power will take too long to heat the coil and will produce very little to no vapour at all.

Devices such as the previously mentioned Cool Fire IV Plus can run at high power and is perfect for big cloud vaping. Just add on a high VG E-Liquid from our massive selection and you’re all set and ready to vape.

Another great kit to think about is the Vaptio P-1 Cloud Kit. This inexpensive kit comes with the simple to use Vaptio P-1 variable wattage mod, the fantastic PT1 Cloud Tank, and a charging cable. All for under 40 quid!
This kit is just perfect for someone who is thinking of taking the step into Cloud vaping but doesn’t want to lay out on very expensive gear. It also has the added benefit of being quite ergonomically designed, its compact size makes it easy to carry around.

Vaptio P1 mod and Vaptio PT1 Tank

Will I need more than one battery for my e-cigarette?

If you’re not going to be close to a charger for most of the day you’re going to want a battery with a higher capacity just as a matter of course. While it’s difficult to say how quickly a battery is used up, it’s probably a good idea to go for something with a higher mAh rating than a low one.

You can always buy a second battery to have with you just in case, too. The Cyclone V4 900mAh Variable Voltage battery is the same one that comes in the Starter Kit, so you’ll already know how to use it. You could even get two different colours so you can tell them apart!

TABlites Cyclone V4 900mAh Batteries in various colours

If you’re looking at buying a Mod you may want to look at something with a removable battery, that way you’re able to carry fully charged spares around with you (always in a battery case, never loose) just in case you’re away from a charger when your battery dies.
Something like the Joyetech eVic-VTC Mini offers this functionality, along with providing variable voltage and variable wattage modes to tailor your vape to your preference, and it will easily run your sub-ohm tanks too if you prefer them to regular atomisers.
The Vaporflask LITE is another great option, offering the chance to use replaceable 18650 batteries and giving you that all important control over your power output. The Vaporflask LITE also has the added benefit of looking very stylish.

Joyetech eVi-VTC Mini in various colours

Hopefully these few suggestions help you to find your perfect e-cigarette. There are many other devices that are very similar to our suggestions too, so take a look around and see which ones seem the best to you.

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