If you are a newcomer to vaping experience or trying to quit smoking and considering giving a chance to vaping, this guide is especially helpful for you.

What is vaping and how it is compared to smoking?

There’s actually no combustion in the vaping process. E-liquid in your device which can contain nicotine is heated through some sort of coil system which produces vapor. The scientist concluded that vaping is less harmful compared to traditional smoking.

This is a complete guide for starters to learn about all sorts of e-juices Freebase, AQUA MOMENTUM or Salty Man, the amount of nicotine, which one to use with which devices and what the difference between them is.

There’s a massive option of devices with different styles, shapes, and types available that can be overwhelming to figure out. You probably have seen JustFog Minifit Kit, SMOK NOVO 2, NORD, SMOK TFV16, and even UWELL Amulet Vape Watch.

Our goal is to walk you through the process of selecting the device that is the best for your needs.

To do this all we need is to make it simple for you with a crash course on VAPE WORLD down below.

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