Vape Batteries Guide for 2021

When it comes to vape hardware, one of the most overlooked components is the battery. Most of us take the battery of a vaping setup for granted, as it’s the piece that requires the least amount of maintenance and doesn’t need to be configured in any way for us to vape successfully. Vape batteries, though, are actually significant, as they not only allow your device to operate smoothly but choosing the wrong battery with which to use your device can be downright dangerous.

How Should I Store My Vape Batteries?

How you store your vape batteries is actually extremely important in terms of vape batteries, which hold them securely while they’re being stored. The reason why this is so important is that debris can develop on the connection of the battery, which can interfere with its ability to supply power to your device. In turn, the battery must work harder to make that connection, which can cause the batteries to burn out sooner.
Furthermore, your vape batteries can be ruined if they make contact with certain metals which interfere with their charge. Not to mention, batteries that have become damaged could end up leaking, which is enormously dangerous.

How should I store my vape batteries?Are AA Batteries the Same as 18650?

Before we started vaping, most of us were best acquainted with AA batteries, which power the large majority of household devices including remote controls, clocks, kitchen devices, and more. The batteries used in standard vape devices are 18650 batteries, which are extremely different from AA batteries. In short, AA batteries and 18650 batteries are two different types of batteries entirely and cannot be used interchangeably.

What is a 18650 Battery?

A 18650 battery is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that gets its name from the fact that it measures 18 by 65 millimeters. Besides the fact that they are rechargeable, another distinctive feature is that they are extremely powerful compared to AA and AAA batteries that many of us are used to. Therefore, they can supply high-wattage vaping devices with adequate, long-lasting power to satisfy our needs.

Can You Use AA Batteries in a Vape?

You cannot use AA batteries in a vape. This is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted under any circumstances. The power demands of a device will overwhelm What Batteries are Safe for Vaping?

The best vape batteries are the ones that are 100% safe to use in a vaping device. 18650 batteries are standard in the vaping world and are compatible with any box mod device. They can vary in terms of capacity, which is why it is best to buy your vape batteries from a vape shop, either in person or online, which will only carry battery configurations that are ideal for the unique needs of vape mods.

What batteries are safe for Vaping?How Often Should You Replace Vape Batteries?

Many people ask how often you should replace vape batteries altogether, and that answer ultimately depends on how heavy of a vaper you are. Most vapers find that

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