Uwell AMULET Vape Watch ⌚ The Time for Vape Watch has come

Do we really need a vaping watch? Is this an illusion or some kind of a smartwatch?

There’s a new kind of AMULET pod system from UWELL designed like an actual wearable watch for vapors. You just simply put it on your wrist and are ready to go!

Uwell AMULET Vape Watch 

The design of the watch comes with a rotating screen so you are able to switch from left hand to right and shows the date and time at any time. Apart from using it as a watch, you can actually pull it out and vape on when you like.

This review will help you to easily fill and check the e-liquid, also to know what kind of juice would be suitable to use, for example here it is used the Strawberries Gone Wild e-liquid form SMOOZIE. The device is draw-activated therefore you don’t need to press any buttons.

Those who are interested in the UWELL AMULET vape watch need to look through the device carefully and get the answers down below.

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