Unlock the Secrets of the Best Vapes for Heavy Smokers

Most of us are aware that the vaping industry exists to help smokers transition to a new form of nicotine delivery. However, with an array of options to choose from today when it comes to things like vape juice nicotine strengths, inhalation styles, and vape batteries, it’s hard for those who are particularly heavy smokers to know how to choose the setup that’s most likely to satisfy their needs. But we’re here to help.

Mouth-to-Lung Inhaling StyleFirst off, let’s talk about the inhalation style enabled through the device you choose. Mouth-to-lung (MTL) is the standard for those who want an experience as similar to actual smoking as possible. MTL vaping is a style in which the vapor is inhaled into the mouth initially before it’s drawn into the lungs – which is exactly what we do when we smoke a cigarette. This method delivers a stronger throat hit and typically produces smaller clouds than direct-lung (DL) vaping, in which huge amounts of vapor are drawn directly into the lungs.  High-Strength E-LiquidsHeavy smokers are used to consuming a lot of nicotine each day, so naturally, they want to find an e-liquid from a vape shop that has the right nicotine strength to keep their cravings completely managed. 

Now, before we had salt-based nicotine, e-liquids were made with freebase nicotine, which is used with higher-powered vape systems – aka, sub-ohm vape systems. Freebase nicotine is still enjoyed by lots of former smokers, and particularly heavy smokers usually choose 12-18mg strength vape juices, which are certainly on the more potent side.

But now, we have salt-based nicotine, which is a much more potent form of nicotine by comparison, absorbing right away and offering that nicotine “buzz” that is similar to cigarettes. Unsurprisingly, most former smokers find this to be more satisfying, especially because it inherently offers that throat hit they crave. Most salt-based nicotine vape juices come in 50mg strengths, which is the standard potency level for pure satisfaction among former smokers.

Refillable VapesA lot of former smokers enjoy disposable vape pens, which are pre-filled with e-liquid, and pre-charged so that they require zero maintenance. But, a refillable vape pod system remains extremely popular as it allows vapers to choose from a variety of bottled e-liquid flavors on the market, to always keep their taste buds engaged with their vaping hobby. This can be helpful to a former smokers, as getting bored of certain flavors can make them all the more likely to want to go back to smoking. 

Refillable pod systems are pocket-friendly vape kits that consist of two components: the pod mod, which contains an integrated battery, and the cartridge, which is filled with vape juice – often vape juice made with salt-based nicotine, which we discussed earlier. Refillable pod systems allow you to easily access the juice well inside the pod cartridge and fill it with the vape juice of your choice.

User-Friendly Design and Plenty of Battery LifeFormer smokers may be turned off by complicated vape equipment that requires tons of maintenance and adjustments to function properly. That’s why today’s pod systems are so popular – they’re extremely user-friendly, often requiring either no output adjustments or a small number of wattage presets that are easy to navigate through. And many of them come with cartridges that contain integrated coils, requiring zero coil maintenance, along with built-in batteries so that the batteries don’t need to be maintained independently of the device.
At the same time, pod systems have gotten more advanced since they first hit the market a couple of years ago, offering far superior battery life compared to the old days. Of course, the more battery life, the more vapes you can get in before needing to take a break to recharge.

The Best Vapes for a Heavy Smoker

All of the above being considered, the question you probably have on your mind is, what is the best vape for a heavy smoker? There are plenty of great pod systems available at any eLiquid Depot or vape shop online, but which ones really stand out right now in their abilities to satisfy the needs of heavy smokers, specifically?

#1: SMOK Novo 3 Pod System

The Novo 3 from SMOK is a go-to among many former heavy smokers. Its user-friendly design and flawless MTL vaping capabilities make it a clear favorite. It contains a 1.7ml refillable pod cartridge with two interchangeable cartridges, which are easy to install, and an ultra-powerful 800mAh battery. It operates at a maximum of 25 watts.

#2: Uwell Caliburn G Pod System

Uwell’s Caliburn G is another excellent choice, being yet another user-friendly device that’s low-maintenance yet wholly satisfying. With an 18W output and capable 690mAh built-in battery, it delivers plenty of power while offering up a 2ml pod cartridge and compatibility with the G Coil Series.

#3: Vaporesso XROS Pod System

Then, we have Vaporesso’s coveted XROS Pod System, with an 800mAh battery and 11-16W output. It uses the classic AXON Chipset to deliver consistent and reliable performance and even features a 2ml refillable pod cartridge and two coil options. Plus, it utilizes adjustable airflow so that former smokers can get a tighter draw if they so choose, for a stronger throat hit on the inhale.


Heavy smokers are fully capable of finding a vaping system that can meet their demands when it comes to their nicotine intake, throat hit cravings and user-friendliness. Today’s vaping market offers a wider array of e-liquids (including lots of cheap vape juice) and vaping devices than ever before, and this means that everyone can find their sweet spot in no time. Explore these 3 vaping systems among others that promise a satisfying MTL vaping experience with high-strength vape juices, to vape in a way that will have you forgetting all about analogs in no time.

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