Top 5 Most Popular E-Cigarette Starter Kits

It’s always handy to get everything you need all in one place.

That’s why e-cigarette starter kits are so useful. They provide everything you need to get going in the world of vaping.

There’s a kit to suit any vaper, too. There’s something for people who are brand new to vaping, sure, but there are also kits for people looking to upgrade their vape or perhaps give sub-ohm vaping a try.

Below is a rundown of our 5 most popular e-cigarette starter kits. Take a look!


The TABlites TABseries


The TABseries is our most basic starter kit. It includes a battery and USB charger and two TABlites Cartomisers in either tobacco, menthol or blueberry flavour.

The TABseries is a ‘cig-a-like’ device, it resembles a traditional cigarette, and instead of using bottles of e-liquid to refill a tank it uses disposable cartomisers, which contain the heating element and pre-saturated wicking material, so you don’t have to fiddle around. Once a cartomiser is used up simpy throw it away and screw a new one onto the battery.

This starter kit is a favourite with people who are just making the switch as it allows them to keep the familiar sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

The TABseries Starter Kit is just £9.99
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The TABlites Cyclone CE4 Starter Kit


The TABlites CE4 Starter Kit is the perfect kit for someone just starting out in the world of e-cigarettes.

Including a 650mAh battery, a CE4 clearomiser, a USB charger and 10mls of TABlites Premium Range E-Liquid, the CE4 Starter Kit has everything you need to take your first steps on the road of vaping.

The CE4 Starter Kit uses e-liquid to refill the CE4 clearomiser, allowing you to try out different flavours and nicotine strengths of your e-liquids. The Cyclone 650 mAh battery is compact but powerful enough to provide a satisfying vaping experience. The CE4 Clearomiser gives you great flavour and is easy to fill and use. Plus it’s disposable, so when it’s finally burned out you can just throw it away and grab another to put onto your battery.

The Cyclone CE4 Starter Kit is just £19.99
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TABlites Cyclone V4 Variable Voltage Starter Kit


The brand new TABlites Cyclone V4 Variable Voltage Starter Kit is perfect for someone looking for a little something extra from their first e-cigarette, or perhaps looking for an upgrade to their first ever starter kit. The extra power and superb vapour production provided by the MT3 clearomiser

Featuring the Cyclone V4 900mAh battery, which uses the latest variable voltage technology, the Cyclone V4 provides a customisable vape to suit almost anyone. Low, medium or high power output settings available at just the push of a button!

The new TABlites MT3 Clearomiser (which has replaceable atomiser heads) provides fantastic flavour and great vapour production, while being easy to fill and use. With 1.6ml e-liquid capacity you won’t be filling it too often either!

The Cyclone V4 Starter Kit is just £24.99
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Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit


Aspire are regarded as one of the top e-cigarette manufacturers in the world. The Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit features a powerful but compact 800mAh battery which provides the perfect amount of power to run the excellent K2 clearomiser.

With a 1.8ml capacity and Aspire’s own excellent replaceable BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomiser heads the K2 tank provides superb flavour and fantastic vapour production, giving you a satisfying vape every time.
Aspire’s fantastic kit is provided with everything you need, including a USB charger, to take the next step on your vaping journey.

The Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit is just 29.99
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Vaptio P1 Cloud Kit


For those looking for the next step in their vaping journey a sub-ohm or ‘cloud’ device might be the very thing you’re looking for.

The Vaptio P1 Cloud Kit has everything you need to start vaping those big, satisfying clouds.

With a powerful mod, allowing you to change the power output with a simple push of a button. With power output from 10 watts up to 50 watts!

The Kit also contains the fantastic PT1 Cloud Tank which gives you amazing vapour production and superb flavour. Plus the replaceable atomiser heads and easy-to-fill tank make maintenance a breeze!

By using low strength, high-VG e-liquids you will get a satisfying vape every time!

The Vaptio P1 Cloud Kit is just £39.99
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How did you get started in the world of vaping?
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