The Top 5 Clearomisers for your Electronic Cigarette

Here at TABlites we are often asked, ‘what is the best clearomiser for my electronic cigarette?’, so we thought we’d give you a run down of 5 of our favourites and top sellers.


The CE4 Clearomiser is the worlds most popular e-cigarette atomiser and comes as standard in most starter kits including the TABlites Cyclone CE4. The CE4 is perhaps the easiest refillable clearomiser to use and provides a satisfying and flavoursome vapour.

iClear 16

The Innokin iClear 16 our most popular clearomiser. The iClear16 has dual-coil replaceable atomiser heads providing a warm and richly flavoured vapour that we know you’ll love. It’s easy to use and the changeable heads make it a cheaper option in the long term than almost any other atomiser.

T3S and MT3S

The Kanger T3S features replaceable bottom-coil atomiser heads. This means the wicks and atomiser coil are always submerged in E-Liquid, avoiding any dry burns and allowing you to replace the head without losing your liquid. The MT3S is exactly the same, but with a metal tank.

ProTank and UniTank Mini

Another entry from KangerTech, the Uni- and ProTank range offer stylish vaping with replaceable bottom-coil heads as standard. The UniTank Mini fits perfectly onto the Cyclone V2 Twist Variable-Voltage Battery from TABlites.

iClear 30S

While Innokin’s iClear 30S isn’t the nicest clearomiser in the world to look at, it more than makes up for it with performance. Great flavour, lots of vapour and a large tank capacity mean the iClear 30S is a must-have if you’re using a variable-voltage or –wattage device.

What’s your favourite clearomiser? Let us know in the comments below, or leave a review on the store (log in and leave a review to earn TABpoints for money off!) For more tips on saving money click here.

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