The Sceptre – Everything you need to know

Hi there. Have you got your Innokin Sceptre MTL & RDL Pod Kit in hand? To help you learn more about the device and get started with it, we walk through basically every aspect of the product in this article. Without further ado, let's get straight to it!

Flavor Rules!

Let’s begin with flavor, the Sceptre is built with the ultimate vaping experience at heart, and for vapers, it has to be flavour! The key to great flavor is great coils. With the sceptre not only does the flavor come through quickly, it also comes through intensely! Enjoy your favourite e-liquid how it was intended to taste! The Sceptre also auto detects the coil in your pod and adjusts the wattage according to the coil to save your coil from burning out.


Sceptre pods are easy to fill, located on the side of the pod is a rubber tab, pull out the lift side of the tab to uncover a fill hole, not too big as to allow for leaking when filling but not too small that the nibs of your e-liquid bottles don’t fit. The pods are actually equipped with removable and changeable coils, the coils are also easy to replace, simply twist the bottom of the pod to open, and the base will separate from the pod with the coil attached, unscrew your old coil, screw the new one on securely, put the base with the fresh coil and the pod back together with a twist and you’re good to go! Simply reuse the pod and replace coils to save on both money and reduce plastic waste.

Sceptre Pods

Sceptre Pods

Coils & Wattage

The Sceptre comes with two types of coils, the 1.2Ω (9w Green light – 10w Purple light [Boost Mode] ) for MTL, or the 0.5Ω (18w Green light – 20w Purple light [Boost Mode] for a restricted RDL. For those who aren’t sure what these terminologies mean, Mouth-to-lung (MTL) is essentially the same as how most people drag on a cigarette. You suck the vape into your mouth and then inhale into your throat or lungs. People that MTL aren’t focused on generating huge clouds of vapour. RDL on the other hand is Restricted Direct Lung, allowing you to get a direct lung hit, albeit restricted compared to a typical DTL vape.

Activate Boost Mode! – to activate the boost mode on either coil simple power off the Sceptre with 3 clicks, release and then hold the button, and the LED cycles between normal (green) and Boost mode (purple). Boost mode creates more heat and vapour.

Direct-to-Lung (DtL) vaping is exactly that! You don’t suck or puff with your mouth, but “breathe through” your atomizer, inhaling larger clouds of vapour off the coil. Instead of first holding the vapour in your mouth it goes directly to your lungs on inhale, restricted DTL refers to the airflow, less airflow allows a tighter draw with your inhale.

It doesn’t matter if you vape Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung, neither is ‘better’ than the other. There is a suggestion from some, that people should start with an MTL vape and then move on to, or ‘upgrade’, to a DTL vape. While I would always suggest starting with a MTL device (for no other reason than it’s closer to how most people smoke) there is no good reason to switch to DTL later unless you really want to, and if you like a bit of both in your day, with the Sceptre you can do both with the one device!

Safety Features

The Sceptre features a full range of integrated safety protections; built with Innokin quality and backed by the 90 day Innokin Limited Warranty. These include, overheat protection, charging protection, short circuit protection and over discharge protection.




The Sceptre is equipped with a large 1400mAh internal battery for all day vaping, charging at 1Amp via micro-USB. The Sceptre’s Battery Capacity LED clearly shows current battery charge and when it’s time to recharge.

Sceptre Pod Light

Insert the sceptre pod into the device and a white LED light under the pod will shine through to show that the pod is securely connected, if you don’t see the light when inserting the pod, first make sure the textured grip bumps are on the open side of the device and the fill port on the closed side, or, if it is the correct way around make sure the base of the pod is fully secured on to the pod. This LED light can also help you see your juice levels in your pod easily.

Design Options

Available in 5 great designs (Black, Blue, White, Grey, Pink) the Innokin Sceptre is a great looking MTL/RDL compact Pod Mod!

Buy Innokin Sceptre Now

Buy Innokin Sceptre Now
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