▷ The New SMOK NOVO 2 Kit of the original NOVO ◁

Using SMOK NOVO and still haven’t got the new 2nd edition the SMOK NOVO 2? The review down below will make sure you have all your questions answered.


The new device has a couple of upgrades, comes in 18 color options, has no buttons, no settings and is definitely interesting by its simplicity. The package includes 2 pods: Mesh 1.0 and DC 1.4 MTL and you can find the difference by just watching this video.

The SMOK NOVO 2 is compared with the original SMOK NOVO so that you can clearly see what has been upgraded. You can even learn how to properly install the e-liquid into the pod.

Here is used the brand new e-juice from SMOOZIE that makes each flavor and salts, as well as Freebase e-liquids, but all the flavors also come in ice.

Have you already got the new SMOK NOVO 2? Let us know what you think!!!

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