The Dangers of Knock-Off Vaping

Vaping is increasing in popularity and might even one day become as popular as tobacco cigarettes used to be. It is seen as a safer alternative to tobacco with fewer harmful chemicals and other substances. It is also seen as cleaner and less obtrusive as the smoke or vapour is not harmful to others, and the smell does not linger on clothes, furniture and other items. All in all, it is seen as being more socially acceptable than smoking, even if some people do still object to it.

Vapers work by heating up oils, waxes and other substances until they release a vapour which is then inhaled. They are not heated to the point of combustion, which means that smoke is not produced. Vape pen, vaporisers and other paraphernalia are made specifically for vaping and there are numerous products available on the market.

Usually, vaping is absolutely safe and presents no dangers if you purchase your equipment and materials from reputable suppliers, such as TABlites. We pride ourselves on quality and service. Faulty or poorly made vaping products do have the potential to be dangerous. You should make sure you purchase only genuine products from reputable manufacturers to be sure you are completely safe while vaping.

Counterfeit Vaping Accessories

As dramatic as it sounds, one of the dangers associated with counterfeit accessories is that they can, quite literally, explode. Constructed using lower quality materials and workmanship (with potentially faulty designs) counterfeit vaping accessories are less likely to be able to handle the temperatures and pressures involved. Exploding pens and accessories can cause really serious injuries, especially if they are being held close to the face at the time.

Modifications can also cause devices to overheat and become dangerous. There have been numerous stories in the news of late regarding exploding vape pens and accessories. One of the most recent includes a Florida man who unfortunately passed away after his vape pen exploded in his face.

When you read the BBC news article though, it states that the late Mr D’Elia was using a mechanical mod – a modified e-cigarette – that drew power directly from the battery. Most standardised and approved e-cigarettes regulate the voltage taken from the battery, by drawing power straight from the battery you avoid this. Overheating, loose or incorrect use of batteries is one of the most common causes of faults and combustions in vaporisers and e-cigarettes.

Standardised safety features, like voltage regulation, are there to prevent these risks; short-cutting them will in no doubt enhance those risks.

Harmful Chemicals

Some people using counterfeit vaping accessories have also fallen ill by using the product. This is likely to be down to inhaling chemicals that are released by the product. A reputable manufacturer will ensure that no potentially harmful chemicals are present, but others may not be so careful. When using any vape accessory you should always be mindful of any unusual odours.

Another potential danger is, quite simply, that counterfeits are less likely to work as they should. While this may not present any physical harm, it can leave you out of pocket, which is a good enough reason in itself to purchase a genuine product!

Avoiding Counterfeit Vaping Accessories

The best way to prevent any injuries, illness or loss of money through counterfeit vaping accessories is simply to avoid buying them in the first place. This can be easier said than done, after all the manufacturers will be trying to imitate legitimate brands so imitations can be difficult to spot at first. There are some guides that will help ensure you get a genuine, good quality product, though.


One way to help ensure you get the real deal is to pay for it. Pirated goods are likely to cost less which is a sign that what you are paying for is not legitimate. Basically, if an offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. While paying more will be costlier in the short term, it could save you money in the long term as a legitimate product is likely to last longer. Plus, of course, there’s the matter of not falling ill or getting injured.

Buy Through a Trusted Retailer

A reputable retailer would not want to have their reputation tarnished by selling faulty, poor quality products to their customers. They will do what they can to ensure that they only buy stock from genuine manufacturers meaning you can trust them in terms of selling legitimate products. To be sure, you can check the authenticity code of each product with the manufacturer.

You might find that you have been given a code that has been fabricated or one that has been stolen from another product. If either turns out to be the case, a legitimate retailer should be happy to replace it with a legitimate product for you.

Check the Product Thoroughly

Counterfeit vaping accessories will be made using lower quality workmanship and materials than genuine products. Inspect it thoroughly and if anything appears to be loose or imperfect in any way, it is probably not genuine. Again, if you are unsure, check with the retailer. If you remain unsure, save your money for another product that you are confident about.

You should also be sure to check the packaging the product comes in as you may be able to identify a counterfeit product from the packaging alone.

Overall, injuries and sickness from vaping can be prevented if due care is taken when purchasing vaping pens and other paraphernalia. Bear in mind that even counterfeit products will often ‘look’ good at first glance, it isn’t until you check them with more scrutiny that you can determine whether or not they are genuine products. The potential risks involved mean it is well worth the time and effort, and maybe a little more cost up front.

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