The Best E-cigarette Starter Kits for Stoptober

If you’ve chosen to take part in Stoptober then congratulations! If you stop smoking tobacco for 28 days you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good!

If you’re reading this you’ve probably chosen to use an e-cigarette to help you manage those nicotine cravings, or you’re thinking about it. Either way congratulations again! 18,000 people said in 2015 that using an e-cigarette aided them in getting off the traditional cigs.

But where do you start with an e-cig? There’s so many options and it can get quite confusing, allow TABlites to clarify!

Well fear not, below we’ve outlined what we feel are the best e-cigarette Starter Kits for new vapers who are making the switch this Stoptober.

TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit


The TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started on your vaping journey the right way.

The included battery is thin and stylishly designed while also containing a 900mAh lithium-ion Cyclone V4 battery that is ample to provide you with all the power you need. The battery also features a ‘variable-voltage’ function (with a simple button to swap between the three available modes). What does that mean? Well, by changing the power output of the battery you can customise the sensation of the e-cigarette to suit you. A higher voltage will mean a warmer vapour is produced that has a little more ‘kick’, conversely the lower setting will give a cooler, milder ‘vape’.

There’s a handy USB charger included too, so you can keep your battery topped up.

That’s all well and good, but you also need something that makes vapour too. That’s why the V4 Starter Kit contains the MT3 Clearomiser. This tank holds your e-liquid and also houses the atomiser element which heats it up. The ‘atomiser heads’ that house the element are replaceable, too so you don’t have to keep buying a new tank every time it burns out. Simply replace the small head section inside the tank and keep on enjoying your e-cigarette.

Each TABlites Cyclone V4 Starter Kit even comes with a FREE 10ml bottle of TABlites Premium Range E-Liquid to use in your clearomiser.

E-Liquid comes in a huge range of flavours from fruits sweets to bakery style flavours like Cheesecake. There’s also a range of tobacco and menthol flavours for people who want to stick with the familiar.

The e-liquid is also available in a choice of nicotine strengths too, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg or 24mg. Some flavours are even available in 0mg, for when you just want the flavour with none of the buzz.

Plus, only for Stoptober, you can get this great kit, with a second free 10ml bottle of E-Liquid for just £19.99! These items would normally be £28.98 together. That’s a saving of £8.99!

TABlites TABseries Starter Kit


For those looking for something a little more similar to the traditional cigarettes they’re used to the TABseries is perfect!

With a similar size to a tobacco cigarette, the TABseries is a little more pocket friendly and a little more discrete.

The kit includes the TABseries 180mAh Battery, which uses an automatic switch that only turns on when you inhale on the e-cigarette. The sleek and stylish black design will make sure people know you aren’t back on the traditional cigarettes too. A USB charger for the battery is included.

Also in the Kit are two TABseries Cartomisers. This little marvel is a combined cartridge that contains the nicotine and flavour, and atomiser to heat up the liquid soaked into the wick stored inside.

They couldn’t be easier to use; simply screw a Cartomiser onto the battery and inhale. Hey! You’re vaping!

The starter kits are available in three flavours; Tobacco, Menthol or Blueberry and all in medium 16mg nicotine strength.

New cartomisers come in packs of 5, so when one runs out you can simply switch it for a new one. Cartomisers are available in the three flavours and a choice of nicotine strengths; Low 11mg, Medium 16mg or High 24mg.

For Stoptober, if you pick up the TABseries Starter Kit you can also get a pack of 5 cartomisers absolutely free! That’s a £7.99 saving!

Eleaf iPower Nano


This is the perfect e-cigarette for someone who wants a little more in their first device (its also perfect for someone looking to upgrade their current device, too). The Eleaf iPower Nano features a variable-wattage system that can put out up to 40w! (variable-wattage is very similar to variable-voltage as mentioned a bit further up).

It features a big 1100mAh battery and an easy to use screen that displays your current battery level as well as your chosen settings. It even has temperature control modes so you can use practically any atomiser you care to mention with it. It also comes with a handy USB charging cable to keep it topped up.

This pocket friendly mod is the perfect partner for the Aspire Triton Mini Atomiser Tank. This tank offers superb flavour and excellent vapour production thanks to its replaceable atomiser heads. It’s easy to fill and stylish to boot, available in stainless steel or black.

While it’s not strictly a self-contained Starter Kit it’s a fantastic intro to e-cigarette mods, which is why we’ve created the Eleaf iPower Nano Stoptober Deal which includes the Mod itself, the Aspire Triton Mini and a bottle of Vampire Vape E-Liquid all from £49.99! You’re saving £4.98!

Eleaf iPower


The Eleaf iPower, larger sibling to the iPower Nano from before, features a much larger battery (5000mAh!) and is able to give you up to 80w of power!

Not to mention it’s whole host of temperature control modes that let you use almost any atomiser you like with it.

The Eleaf iPower is available in a range of stylish colours and despite the size of its battery, the device itself is still pretty compact and handy.

The extra power it can provide makes it a perfect pairing with the Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Atomiser Tank. The Cleito is designed with big clouds in mind, with its large e-liquid capacity, massive airflow and huge wicking ports it’s at its best when it’s filled with a high-VG, low nicotine strength e-liquid and is running at a high wattage.

The replaceable atomiser heads provide huge satisfying clouds of vapour and excellent flavour besides.

This is another one that isn’t strictly a Starter Kit, but we think it’s perfect for someone looking for a powerful and versatile first e-cigarette, just as much as it’s the perfect upgrade for almost any vaper.

That’s why we’ve combined it with the Aspire Cleito as well as a bottle of 3mg Vampire Vape E-Liquid into the Stoptober Eleaf iPower Bundle, and from just £61.99 this is an absolute must have for anyone who wants the very best vaping experience. Plus you’re saving £8.98! Bargain!

So there’s our suggestions to help you make the switch this Stoptober. Take a look and let us know if e-cigarettes are helping you to stay off the tobacco.

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