TABlites’ 5 Most Popular E-Liquids

At TABlites we offer a huge range of e-liquids. There’s something to suit every taste, from traditional tobacco flavours, to fruits to wacky sweet and dessert flavours you might never have thought of.


But as with anything there are always those flavours that just seem to suit the largest amount of people, the flavours that everyone (or nearly everyone) can get along with.

Below are our top 5 most popular e-liquid flavours taken from some of our various ranges. Maybe they’ll suit your taste buds too? There’s only one way to find out!

TABlites Premium E-Liquid Range Juicy Peach


Juicy Peach has been a popular flavour ever since we added it to our very own TABlites Premium Range.

The flavour of ripe peach is so juicy it almost bursts out of the bottle! Perfect as a refreshing all-day vape.

The TABlites Premium Range is made with 80% PG and Juicy Peach is available in 6mg, 11mg or 18mg nicotine strengths.
Try it today and find out why it’s our most popular Premium Range E-Liquid. You can even get 3 10ml bottles of TABlites Premium Range E-Liquid for just £10! Mix and match or just pick up 30mls of Juicy Peach, it’s up to you!

Wick Liquor Boulevard


The Wick Liquor Range is relatively new to TABlites and was an instant hit both with our customers and around the office.

Boulevard combines a Mardi Gras fruit punch with fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp to give you a great, fruity and interesting flavour.
The Wick Liquor range is created with 80% VG and Boulevard is available in 0mg or 3mg nicotine strengths.

Grab a 15ml bottle today and see for yourself why this made our top 5!

FAR E-Liquids Neon Green Slushie


FAR E-Liquids, from the creative minds behind Element E-Liquids, are designed to reflect the bold styles of street art both on their labels and in their flavours.

Neon Green Slushie takes zingy lime and mixes it with mountains of crushed ice to create a vape that is simple and refreshing. This flavour is just like vaping those sweet slushie drinks that are so welcome on a hot summer day.

The FAR E-Liquid range is created with 75% VG and Neon Green Slushie is available in 3mg nicotine strength.

Pick up a 20ml bottle today and see why this is one of the most popular high VG E-Liquids we have!

 Charlie’s Chalk Dust Wonder Worm


Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a range of E-Liquids with unique and delicious flavours that is as popular now as when we first introduced it.

Wonder Worm combines the sweet fruitiness of gummy worms with a tangy tartness to cut through the mix. This flavour is as interesting as it is delicious, and you’re unlikely to get bored of it at all.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Liquids are all 80% VG and Wonder Worm in available in 3mg or 6mg nicotine strength.
Pick up a 30ml bottle today to see what the hype is all about!

Lost Fog Dapple Whip


Lost Fog, by the creators of Cosmic Fog, are a collection of delicious, inventive flavours that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Dapple Whip is the newest addition to the range and it’s already one of the most popular E-Liquids we have. Featuring a tart and juicy Granny Smith apple smothered in smooth caramel with a dollop of whipped cream!

It’s crafted with 70% VG and is available in 3mg nicotine strength.

Pick up 30mls today and experience that fresh new delicious flavour.

Did we miss out your favourite e-liquid?
Let us know in the comments below.

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