SOFI X9000: A new Disposable for "Real" Vapers?

The SOFI X9000 has arrived, and already, this new disposable vape is proving to be one of the most in-demand of the year. It’s already regarded as the longest-lasting disposable vape, as hinted by its name, which is quite a feat. Since it’s only just hit the market, we want to offer as comprehensive of a review as possible, sharing our thoughts on what makes this such a must-have and giving you all the info that you could possibly want to know about the SOFI vape.

What is the SOFI X9000?

The SOFI X9000 is a brand-new disposable vaping device that boasts a staggering 9000 puff count – the highest puff count on the market, in case you aren’t up to date with the current disposables industry. This may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s something that SOFI has mastered through a lot of research and development. Not only that, but it offers mouthwatering flavor, thanks to top-quality ingredients, and remains a super portable travel companion.

What are the Key Features and Benefits?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the specs, features, and benefits of the SOFI X9000. First off, you have a rechargeable 650mAh battery, and it being rechargeable is critical here since the sheer number of puffs you can get out of it means that you’ll need a battery that can handle lots and lots of vaping before you get down to the last drop of e-liquid. The cartridge is, of course, pre-filled and non-refillable, containing a whopping 18 milliliters of 5% salt-based nicotine e-juice.

Another great feature is the 1.0ohm mesh coil. Mesh coils always take flavor and vapor production to a new level through basic physics. The use of mesh as the material of choice enhances the surface heating area, which allows for more even heating. This means that each time you fire your device (this one is draw-activated, as is standard), more e-liquid is getting vaporized at a time for richer-tasting and fluffier clouds.

Now, one of our favorite features is the display screen on the device, which is quite unusual for disposables. This displays both your battery level and e-juice level, which is incredibly helpful. There’s nothing worse than not knowing that you’re about to run out of e-juice or battery power while vaping a disposable, only to end up suddenly without the ability to vape.

Of course, the built-in battery is charged through a type-C charge port, and it charges very fast, so you don’t have to worry about lots of downtime. Now, we want to go over the flavors for just a moment since they’re as enticing as the device itself.

What Can Real Vapers Expect?

So, who’s going to fall in love with the SOFI X9000? Any vaper, as a matter of fact. It’s totally beginner-friendly, as, despite its high power level and advanced features, it requires zero setup or maintenance other than the occasional battery recharge. But, for experienced vapers, this is no downgrade, as the high volume of e-liquid means having to replace your device less while still getting nice cloud and flavor action.

Where Can You Find the SOFI X9000?

Good news: the SOFI X9000 can be purchased now, and you can go ahead and grab it at Vape Juice Depot if you want the best price possible. In fact, despite its unbelievable amount of e-juice, the price of this device is extremely affordable, making the switch to the SOFI an economic one that’s going to save you lots of money as time goes on. So, if you want a vape that can satisfy your needs for flavor, vapor output, power, reliability, and affordability, you’ve found it.

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