SMOK NOVO vs SMOK NOVO 2 ✂ Side by Side Comparison ✁

The curious people out there, here comes the side by side comparison of SMOK NOVO and the new NOVO 2.


Still wondering what comes with the new version as it looks similar to the original one and how they made so many improvements without changing the actual form of the device then make sure to check this video out.

In this review, the devices are disassembled as well as the pods so you can look through the components and the design to see the real differences.

We can definitely say that the leaking issue is fixed with SMOK NOVO 2 and there’s no way the e-liquid will get inside the device because it has significantly more protection over the firing mechanism than the original one.

They are virtually identical but the similarity is superficial. If you haven’t decided what device is right for you to use, then take a closer look at this review.

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