Small Vapes: Why They’re More Satisfying Than Ever

As long as vaping has existed, the vapers of the world have wanted one thing above all else: They’ve wanted more. People want the boldest flavors. They want to experience a perfectly satisfying puff every time – and that’s exactly what manufacturers like Innokin have always tried to deliver.

In recent years, though, vaping technology has evolved in some interesting ways. For a while, it sometimes looked as though small vapes were becoming obsolete. To get the performance they wanted, people used vaping devices that grew ever larger and more powerful. There was a point where it seemed like a dual-battery vape mod was the minimum equipment you needed to have if you really wanted to enjoy serious clouds.

Technology never stops marching forward, though – and these days, new developments have made small vape mods and other types of vapes sleeker, more pocketable and more satisfying than ever. Thanks to the latest vaping innovations, it’s now possible to have an unbelievably superb vaping experience with a device that can fit comfortably in your pocket and travel anywhere with you.

Here’s why the best small vapes have become some of the greatest vaping devices you could possibly own.


The Best Small Vapes Are Optimized for the Latest E-Liquid Technology

When you read about vaping online or browse the selection at your favorite vape shop, there’s no way to escape the fact that nicotine salt e-liquid is one of the most important new vaping products to hit the market in years. Nicotine salt is less alkaline than regular freebase nicotine, and that makes it possible for e-liquid makers to make high-strength vape juices that deliver the same satisfaction as a cigarette without the throat irritation that people tended to experience when using higher-nicotine e-liquids in the past.

Even the best vape juice can’t deliver the satisfaction you need, though, unless you’re using a vaping device designed to take advantage of it. That’s why we always keep nicotine salt in mind when we develop our small vapes. We know that when you buy a small vape pen designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, it’s very likely that you’re going to want to fill your device with nicotine salt vape juice. We make sure that our latest devices will always give you a great experience regardless of whether you prefer nicotine salt or traditional freebase nicotine vape juice.

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A Small Vape Can Be More Like a Cigarette

One of the greatest things about the best small vapes today is that, with a little bit of innovative design, they can provide a more cigarette-like vaping experience than any other vaping device. For evidence of that fact, consider the Innokin EQ FLTR. To create the EQ FLTR, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned as one of the oldest vape manufacturers about how to design a pod-based vaping device that’s user friendly and incredibly satisfying. The EQ FLTR is easy to fill, and it produces impressive vapor clouds with accurate and well-defined flavor notes.

If that was all the EQ FLTR could do, though, it would just be another pod system. When we created this device, we wanted to do something different. We wanted to create a small vape pen that could deliver a truly cigarette-like vaping experience – not just in terms of the vapor delivery and throat hit, but also in terms of the way the device looks and the way it feels in your mouth. To accomplish that, we gave the EQ FLTR a disposable and biodegradable soft tip.

You use the EQ FLTR like any other small pod system. You’ll charge the device by connecting it to your computer, and you’ll fill it by removing the pod and adding e-liquid through the filling hole on the side of the pod. The thing that makes the EQ FLTR different, though, is the soft tip that functions as a mouthpiece. The tip looks like a cigarette filter, and it also feels like a cigarette in your mouth. Owners of the EQ FLTR have also commented that the cigarette shape seems to focus the flavor of the e-liquid on a specific area of the palate, heightening the sense of realism with tobacco and menthol vape juices.




The Latest Vape Coils Make Dual-Battery Mods Unnecessary

Why did a dual-battery mod suddenly become the minimum level of vaping equipment if you wanted to enjoy big clouds? That happened because high-end vape coils became more and more demanding in their power requirements over the years. If you want a vape coil to produce a bigger cloud, the coil needs to have a greater surface area. With a traditional vape coil made from wound heating wire, you can increase the surface area by using thicker wire or by adding additional wires. When you do that, though, you increase the total mass of the coil. You also increase the coil’s wattage requirement. Before the new generation of small vape mods hit the market, it was getting to the point where the best vape coils required well over 100 watts of power in order to operate efficiently. That’s why everyone started using dual-battery mods.

One of the reasons why small vapes have become so much more relevant in recent years is because mesh coils have completely revolutionized vape coil design. In a mesh coil, the heating surface is made from a lightweight metal mesh instead of a wound wire. The mesh has a much lower mass than a traditional heating wire, and that allows mesh coils to heat the e-liquid much more efficiently while requiring significantly less power. Pod systems like the Innokin Sceptre eliminate the need to own a dual-battery mod because the more efficient coil design allows them to produce enormous vapor clouds despite the small and pocketable package.




Today’s Small Vapes Use the Same Coils as Vape Tanks

One of the most important things separating today’s small vapes from the small e-cigarettes of the past is that manufacturers like Innokin have gotten much better at designing coils that generate impressive vapor clouds despite fitting into extremely tiny spaces. If you dissected a small e-cigarette from several years ago, you’d find an incredibly small coil made from a single short piece of wire. With very little surface area, it’s not surprising that the small vapes of the past produced very tiny vapor clouds.

The reason why today’s small vapes are so different from the previous generation of e-cigarettes is that manufacturers are no longer trying to cram full-featured coils into impossibly small spaces. Instead, the best small vapes are enlarged ever so slightly compared to tobacco cigarettes, and that’s enabled those devices to utilize the same types of coils that you’d find in a bona fide vape tank.

To see that design principle in practice, look no further than the Innokin I.O. Although the I.O is barely larger than a tobacco cigarette, it’s far, far beyond the small vapes of the past in terms of the performance it can deliver – and the reason for that is because it has the same type of coil you’d find in a full vape tank. Having that type of coil in a small vape pen isn’t just a matter of enjoying great vapor production; it also means you’ll enjoy the same pure, vivid flavors that you’d get with a full-sized vape mod.




Modern Power Delivery Helps a Small Vape Deliver the Perfect Puff Every Time

Designing a small vape that delivers a great experience isn’t just about finding a way to cram a full-sized atomizer coil into a tiny pod; it’s also about getting back to basics and finding room for innovation in the way a vaping device actually works. That’s precisely what we’ve done with the new Innokin Sensis, a small pod mod that completely rethinks the concept of power delivery in a vaping device.

Up to now, the standard mode of power delivery in a vaping device was Direct Current. With the release of the Innokin Sensis, though, we’ve developed the first vaping device that uses the Alternating Current mode instead. Using AC power delivery as the basis, we’ve given the Sensis an entirely new vaping mode called FØ. When you enable the new FØ vaping mode, the Sensis delivers power as a continuous waveform. That enables the device to give you finer control over flavor and vapor output than you’ve ever had before. It also enables the Sensis to give you exactly the same puff, time after time. We believe it is truly the world’s best small vape mod.

The Innokin Sensis also has a second feature that allows it to deliver the perfect puff every time you vape. We call this new technology Coil+. With Coil+ enabled, the Sensis heats the coil at 40 percent of your chosen power level for 0.4 of a second after you finish your puff. The gentle heating warms the coil slightly, encouraging the wick to rapidly draw more e-liquid in. Coil+ ensures that the wick is completely saturated with e-liquid every time you vape.




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