Small Vapes: They’re More Satisfying Than Ever

In case you haven’t noticed, today’s vape hardware market is all about small, pocket-friendly pod systems. Once a niche submarket in the industry, pod systems have all but taken over, especially since they can now accommodate both MTL and sub-ohm vaping styles. Let’s look at why these compact kits are dominating right now.

Small Vapes are Optimized with the Latest Vaping Technologysalt-based nicotine and freebase vape juice. Not only that, but we are also seeing pod kits that can fit enormously powerful batteries into their tiny chassis structures and flavor-boosting technology that is enabled by automatic airflow adjustments for a richer, cleaner taste with every cloud. Small Vapes are More Like Cigarettesvape coils that are highly advanced than they ever have been in order to bring about cleaner flavor and smoother hits on another level. Still, perhaps more important is the fact that because of these advanced coils, vapers can enjoy sub-ohm satisfaction while using a relatively compact pod system. Many of today’s pod systems come with ultra-powerful integrated batteries – think 1000mAh or higher – and cartridges that use interchangeable coils. Using a sub-ohm coil with one of these high-powered small vapes means that vapers can get the massive clouds they crave without having to carry around a large vaping system in order to do so.

Again, sub-ohm systems still exist on the market, but they’re no longer the only way to enjoy tremendous cloud production. As small vapes are undeniably more convenient all-around, without losing a significant amount of vape power, an influx of vapers are starting to view these larger dual-battery mods as risking obsoletion. All around, smaller vapes are proving to be the direction in which the overall hardware market is headed.

Vapers are Discovering the Luxury of Low-Maintenance Hardware
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