Review: Boundless CF vs. Boundless CFX

Two really good questions most people wonder when it comes to Boundless vaporizers are "What are the differences between the Boundless CFX and CF ?" and "Which one is right for me?".

The short answer is get the CF if you value stealth and a lower price the most, and get the CFX if complete temperature control, faster charging and a more comprehensive display are more important to you.

The units utilize the same technology and are more alike than different. That being said, the differences are significant and understanding them can make sure you get the right unit for you.

Boundless CF vs. CFX

Boundless CF vs. CFX

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Which one should I buy?


The vapor producing guts of both units are the same, so you can expect the same vapor quality, heat up times and battery life from both units. Some users have reported one unit to have more open air flow than another, but I can't tell a difference.

Comparison Chart




Last Temp. Memory


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The CF is the stealth version of these units. It fits easily in a pocket and only has one row of five, small lights that are easily covered while using in a dark room. The CFX can fit into any cargo pants pocket or similarly sized pocket, but it's big, lighted display can light up a dark room.

UPDATE: as of July 2016 the CF ships with a Stealth Mode. Hold power button down on the CF for three seconds to enable stealth mode. The LED lights will turn off on the device but the unit will remain heated and fully functional. Hold power button down for another three seconds to power the lights back on. Read More...

Review:  Boundless CF vs. Boundless CFX

Review:  Boundless CF vs. Boundless CFX


This is where the CFX pulls away from the CF. You get a fully digital display with complete temperature control, a session timer to let you know when it is about to auto shut off, a battery level indicator, a magnet on the top of the unit to hold the mouthpiece while filling the chamber, and haptic feedback that vibrates when it is turned on or off and when the unit reaches the set temperature.

As of the July 2016 update, the CF brings the gap in a bit closer with Battery Indicator, Stealth Mode and Temperature Memory. Now when you turn your CF back on, you'll automatically be back at the last temp you left off at.

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Which one should I buy?

Both units perform almost identically, so which one to buy and use comes down to the form factor. Since I have both units I can tell you that I reach for the CFX any time stealth is not an issue, so I like to use it around the house and on beach walks, as well as in groups. I use the CF only in stealth situations, like at a concert, a festival, or when I am the only one using it in a group setting.

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