Receive a Gift Card as a Free Bonus Item!

Free Bonus Items!

Thank you for shopping at Planet of the Vapes! We want you to enjoy your vaporizer and come back when you’re ready for more, so we have a little something extra for you.

Gift card with each vape purchase

Every dry herb vape you purchase comes with an electronic gift card you can use on your next purchase, or share with a friend. The amount on the gift card is indicated on that vaporizer’s page.

Use the gift card on your next purchase

When you finalize your order, you will receive an email with a code to use for your gift card. You can use this code immediately on another purchase, or you can pay-it-forward to a friend to use.

What if I have more than one gift card code?

Winner! You can enter multiple valid gift card codes at checkout, and really stack the savings. Use them all for incredible discounts!

What if my purchase qualifies for more than one gift card?

You get multiple gift cards. For instance, if you buy three qualifying vaporizers, you'll receive three gift cards!

Got more questions about how to use gift cards?

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