Pink Spot E-Liquid Now Available at TABlites!

Now available in the UK, and exclusive to TABlites*! Our newest E-Liquid range comes from Pink Spot Vapors. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA; Pink Spot produce some of the very best flavours in the E-Liquid industry. Not only that, the quality of their Liquid is unrivalled across the world.

Here at TABlites our team worked with the lovely folk at Pink Spot Vapors to personally select 11 of their great flavours, and we know that you’ll find something to love.
We made sure to stock them in both 18mg (Medium) and 12mg (Low) nicotine strengths and we even selected a few (four to be precise) to stock in 6mg (Very Low). Who says you can’t please everyone?

Here’s a quick rundown of what we picked, in alphabetical order:

Banana Nut Bread

An American classic from our classy American friends across the pond. This warm, cakey bakery flavour tastes just like it’s fresh out of the oven, with a subtle fruity banana tone that will have your mouth watering and keep you coming back for more.

Chubby Chimp

Go ape with this delicious chocolate-covered banana flavour E-Liquid.

A subtle, simple banana flavour with one of the nicest chocolate notes we’ve had the pleasure of tasting. This e-liquid is definitely a cheeky monkey. (Available in 6mg)
(It also happens to be this blogger’s favourite of the whole range. It’s a great treat every now and then. Not to sway your decision one way or another, of course.)

Dutch Apple Pie

Warm apple pie with a touch of cinnamon. A wholesome and hearty treat fresh from the bakery, spiced to perfection. Fruity, cosy and so, so great.

Fire and Ice

Cinnamon and Menthol combine to make a liquid that will blow you away. Sweet, spicy and cool all at once, like a cryogenically frozen Atomic Fireball. Truly an experience not to be missed.

Gummy Bear

Have you ever carefully picked out one of every colour of gummy bear and then stuffed them all in your mouth at once? Well we have, and we liked it so much we had to get the E-Liquid version. Sweet and fruity and filled with nostalgia. (Available in 6mg)

Jamaican Me Crazy

A delicious blend of island fruits. With hints of pineapple, banana and coconut, one vape and you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise*. It’s like relaxing in a hammock with your favourite cocktail.

(*May not actually transport you to a tropical paradise.)

Nutty Buddy Cookie

This tasty e-liquid is just like a fresh batch of cookies straight from the oven, hints of chocolate-chip provide a great note to this biscuity and moreish flavour. A touch of nutty goodness makes this a ‘can’t miss’ vape. Grab it while it’s hot. Mind your fingers.

Peach Green Tea

Refreshing and light, this flavour is just perfect for winding down after a long day. A tasty, succulent peach vape with a green tea undertone that lifts the whole mixture to new heights of relaxing vapour goodness. (Available in 6mg)

Pink Spot

Pink Spot’s signature E-Liquid, so good they put their name on it. This tasty juice is a combination of raspberry, pineapple and lime. Deliciously fruity, delightfully zesty and with a zing that’s sure to set your taste buds tingling. (Available in 6mg)
(It’s also my ‘All Day Vape’. I can’t get enough.)

Strawberry Bubblegum

A must have if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Juicy, fruity strawberry in a sweet bubblegum base make this juice unmissable. In fact, this tasty juice is so good it will take you back to blowing bubbles behind the supply teacher’s back. Just don’t get caught!

USA Menthol Blend

A classic, slightly sweet and smoky American tobacco flavour with a hint of cooling menthol. This E-Liquid should be a staple of any tobacco flavour lovers flavour selection. Uncomplicated deliciousness.

All of these liquids are made with the finest US/EU pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. We specified a 70% PG to 30% VG ratio and Pink Spot Vapors were nice enough to oblige and make what we think is the best base mixture for optimal flavour, throat-hit and vapour production.

The flavours are all food-grade flavourings too, so you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality product.

You can find them all at our website: Pink Spot Vapors E-Liquid | UK | TABlites . Why not try them today?

If you’ve already given them a go let us know your favourite in the comments below.
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