Low Nicotine Vape: What They Are and How to Use Them

We are seeing an influx of vapers gravitating toward vapes with low nicotine. Not only that, but they are finding that they’re more satisfied than ever before. Low-nicotine vapes offer delicious e-liquid flavors with lower-than-average nicotine concentrations, and you might be surprised by just how many advantages come with these formulas. 

What are Low-Nicotine Vapes?

Low-nicotine vapes can be found at just about any vape shop nowadays, as more and more people desire both low-nicotine e-liquids and disposable vapes with low nicotine. Basically, the term just means any vape juice with a nicotine concentration that’s below average, and that can apply to both freebase nic and salt nic e-liquids. With salt nic e-liquids, including those in disposables and those sold in bottles for pod systems, that’s anything less than 5% (50mg). With freebase nic, low-nicotine can be anything below 12mg.

Why Do Some People Use Low-Nicotine Vapes?

The main reason why people take up vaping as a hobby is because they’re looking for a way to replace their cigarette habit in order to keep getting that satisfaction from frequent doses of nicotine throughout the day. So, why would someone want to buy low nicotine products and get less of a dose of the chemical compound that brought them to vaping in the first place?

Well, low-nicotine options exist for a reason. They come with unique advantages over higher-nicotine products, which we’ll get into in just a moment. A lot of people find that after vaping for a while, their body is able to quickly adjust to lower nicotine levels, which allows them to experience these advantages while still getting enough of the chemical compound to keep them satisfied.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Give You the Best Cloud Production

One big advantage of low-nicotine vapes is that the low nicotine concentration in the e-liquid results in larger and denser clouds. Nicotine has a tendency to thin out the vape juice formula, and the higher the nicotine strength, the less cloud production you’re going to get. 

So many of today’s vapers love the satisfaction that comes from exhaling fluffy and thick clouds, so it makes sense that they gravitate toward a lower nicotine concentration in order to get that gratification every time they take a hit.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Give You Better Flavor

Another thing that you can get out of a lower nicotine strength is better flavor. Nicotine has a way of subduing the flavor profile of your e-liquids because it’s diluting it. So, switching to a lower-nicotine vape means that you’ll likely notice more richness, complexity, and even cleanliness in the e-liquids that you’re vaping. 

A lot of people who switch to vaping after years of using tobacco products can’t get enough of the different, exciting flavors that exist on the market. And, as they continue to grow in their vaping hobby, it’s not surprising that they start to prioritize flavor over nicotine content, as their body can handle lower nicotine levels, allowing them to really get more out of their flavor experience.

Low-Nicotine Vapes Give You the Smoothest Draws

Another thing that people love about low-nicotine vapes is how smooth they are on the inhale, aka the draw. Nicotine is great for providing a strong throat hit that reminds people of smoking cigarettes. But that throat hit can also be harsh for some people, and low-nicotine options will solve that problem. Every pull is silky-smooth, and those who are prone to respiratory irritation find that low-nicotine vapes do wonders for giving them a much easier inhale.

What Types of Vapes are Best for Low-Nicotine E-Liquid?

Now, let’s talk about how to get the best out of a low-nicotine e-juice based on your purchase choices. Again, first, you need to decide what kind of vaping setup you want. If you want to go with bottled vape juices, you’ll need a pod system if you prefer salt nic e-juice, and you’ll need a sub-ohm system if you’re using freebase nic e-juice. Then, there are low-nicotine disposable vapes that don’t require you to buy any vape juice, since the e-liquid is built into the device.

EB Design BC5000 4% Nicotine Disposable

The EB Design BC5000 4% Nicotine Disposable comes from the same makers who brought us the famous ElfBar and even offers 1% (10mg) less than the average vape. It’s available in a staggering variety of must-try flavors, made with the same top-notch ingredients for which the brand has become renowned, and offers about 5000 puffs of vaping satisfaction.

Uwell Aeglos Pod System

The Uwell Aeglos Pod System is a high-powered pod kit that can handle your salt nic e-liquids while offering a higher wattage (up to 50W) so that you can get better cloud action out of low-nicotine formulas. An OLED display screen and navigation buttons allow you to explore different output levels, all while still enjoying a pocket-friendly vaping system.

SMOK Mag 18 Kit 230W with TFV18 Tank

The SMOK Mag 18 Kit goes up to 230 watts – the highest you’ll find – so that you can get the biggest clouds imaginable while savoring rich flavor from your low nic freebase nicotine e-juices. This sub-ohm vape kit promises unbelievable power and also comes with the coveted TFV18 Tank and compatible coils, known for boosting those clouds even further.

Low-Nicotine Vapes are a Great Option for Many Vapers 

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