Legendary Prefilled Vuse Pods

One of the most prestigious brands in the vaping industry is Vuse, sold widely across the country in various vape shop establishments and convenience stores. The brand has maintained its exceptional reputation through consistency in quality, uniquely satisfying Vuse pod flavors, and standout transparency with customers, which has built lots of trust in an industry under tremendous scrutiny for the past several years.

So, what is it about Vuse then, and more specifically, Vuse Pods, that has impressed so much of the vaping public? Time to find out.

What to Know About Vuse Pods 

Vuse’s Alto Pod System consists of two components: Vuse Pod System and Vuse Alto Pods. Created by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the Vuse Alto is a draw-activated system with no need for adjustments, with the pods arriving pre-filled with salt nic e-liquid, with an integrated coil inside, and a battery device that is non-disposable, and must be recharged regularly to be used. The battery has a capacity of 350mAh, which is plenty powerful enough to fire satisfying hits of vapor. The vape system is generally associated with vaping beginners since it requires next to no maintenance (other than recharging the battery when necessary), but the reality is that any vaper, including those who are very experienced, can enjoy what this kit has to offer, as its low-maintenance nature can appeal to anyone. 

How Much are Vuse Pods?

Vuse Alto Pods arrive in 2-packs and 4-packs, each containing 1.8ml of e-liquid. The customer can choose their nicotine strength, with 18mg (1.8%), 24mg (2.4%), and 50mg (5%) available. Unsurprisingly, the price will vary depending on the retailer, as some in-person and online locations may charge more than others. 

Overall, you can expect to pay between $16-18, on average, for a 2-pack and between $26-28 for a 4-pack. Of course, a lot of online vape retailers carry sales and special offers that may allow you to buy these products at a discounted price for limited periods, which can come in handy if you’re on a strict budget and want to stock up on these pods when the price is low.

How to Refill Vuse Pods

Vuse Alto Pods are not designed to be refillable, but at the same time, it’s become known among fans of the brand that they can technically be refilled. The main reason for refilling these pods is economical, as refilling them with more e-liquid saves money, as bottled e-liquid costs less by the milliliter than the pods themselves. So, if you’re wondering how to refill a Vuse Pod, we can provide a tutorial.

How to Refill Vuse PodsVuse Alto Golden Tobacco and Vuse Alto Menthol. Golden Tobacco is a rich, natural-tasting tobacco flavor inspired by American cigarette tobacco, with a smooth, nutty, smoky flavor that is extremely realistic compared to the real thing. Vuse Alto Menthol Pods offer a true menthol flavor, which tastes mint and delivers a cooling sensation on the inhale and exhale to provide something exhilarating to one’s vaping experience. 

How Many Puffs In a Vuse Pod

Vuse pods provide approximately 950 puffs per pod. This may vary depending on your vaping behaviour.

No Doubt, the Future is Vuse!

Vuse has demonstrated a deep desire to satisfy vapers’ needs with a user-friendly, portable vaping system made under the strictest standards in quality, reliability, performance, and flavor. The brand’s Vuse Alto Pods are particularly popular because they offer the perfect serving of salt-based nicotine in two crowd-pleasing flavor options.

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