Introducing the TABlites VVR! (April Fools 2016)

Virtual Vaping!

Here it is! After almost a year of secret meetings and near silent whispers around the office TABlites are happy to announce the upcoming release of the world’s first virtual reality vaping device!

Working in partnership with the British Institution of Virtual Reality and several big players in the vaping world we will soon be releasing the first batch of TABlites VVR headsets (Vaping Virtual Reality) to the public.


What’s in the Kit?

The kit is made up of a headset with built in speakers and SFM (synthetic flavour module), a pair of VR-Mapped gloves and a 20,000mah battery pack.

Digital Rendition of the VVR headset

The TABlites VVR is capable of replicating the taste, sight, sound and action of vaping your favourite set up all within the virtual world!

So if you’ve always wanted to build an Octo-Clapton-twist coil in your RDA but the laws of physics have gotten in your way don’t worry, because in the virtual world anything is possible!

 What Does the User Get?

Content at the time of release includes products from Aspire, Kanger and Innokin as well as flavours from Elements, Cosmic Fog and Njoy.
We are aware of the ever changing vaping industry and in order to stay at the cutting edge we will be releasing both free and priced updates for the TABlites VVR.

Users will be able to purchase DLC that contains new flavours and devices, which we plan to release on a monthly basis.
For early adopters we’re offering a unique virtual experience to live the vaping life of the world’s most famous vaper, Leonardo DiCaprio! Experience the thrill of vaping while you wait to receive your Oscar!

As well as flavour and sensation you can also customise your vaping environment; in a forest, on top of Everest, under the sea, even in space! You can vape anywhere!
We have also created the worlds first virtual vaping lounge, where TABlites VVR users can socialise, shoot the breeze and virtually vape to their heart’s content!

How Does it Work?

We know you’ll be interested in how it works, so let’s take a look at how the TABlites VVR functions:

The Taste.

Many studies have been conducted over the years into how humans process ‘taste’ and the areas of the brain affected by both taste and smell.

Brain scan of a person experiencing flavour.

The TABlites VVR uses an electrode carefully placed directly onto the flavour centre of the body, the tongue. By sending small, harmless electrical signals through the tastular nerve to the correct parts of the brain, the Synthetic Flavour Module is then capable of computing an almost infinite number of different flavours and scents delivering a realistic burst of Virtual flavour direct to the users brain.

The Sight.

Using the newest technology more often associated with the likes of Hollywood, we were able to map in 3D all of the devices currently available on the market from certain manufacturers. These are then digitally recreated and the user has the added bonus of being able to customise their device.

The Sound.

We worked with one of the world’s top Foley departments to recreate the iconic sounds of vaping, from the crackle of the e-liquid heating up on the coil to the whoosh of air as its sucked through the tank. This is then pumped through specially designed Dolby 3DSurround Sound headphones into the user’s ears creating an almost orchestral experience.

The Action.

Using the same motion tracking equipment used during the filming of the new Star Wars films, we have been able to accurately map the movements over 2000 different people make while vaping.

A vaper setting up for MoCap.

These movements have been digitally recreated to perfectly match almost any vaper’s hand movements as picked up by the VR-Mapped gloves that come with the TABlites VVR.

The VR-Mapped Gloves included with the TABlites VVR went through many stages of research and development.

As you can see, we’ve spent a long time trying to perfectly recreate the vaping experience in a virtual setting and now, after months of hard work from our dedicated team we are proud to be the very first electronic cigarette company to tackle the emerging VR realm!

So keep your eyes peeled for the TABlites VVR, coming soon from TABlites.
We’ll see you in the virtual vapers lounge!

This blog was posted on April 1st 2016. It’s (sadly) not a real product that TABlites is working on.

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