Introducing the Aspire Archon

Aspire present the brand new Archon!


This cool, ergonomically designed device is available in classic black, stylish grey or striking blue, while the curved edges mean this device looks as good on a shelf as it does when in use.

But the Archon isn’t just a pretty face, this is a dual-18650 mod that’s jammed with features.

Powerful Mod Battery

Using a pair of 18650 sized batteries* the Archon gives you more power precisely when and where you need it, and if you carry a couple of spare battery pairs you never need to worry about running out of charge!

The Archon can put out a staggering 150w of power, more than enough to run almost any atomiser you’d like to use.

Versatile Mod Control Features

Not only that, the Archon also features temperature control modes for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils, so you can vape with your favourite temp. control tank, too! In fact the Archon also features 3 user-defined modes that remember your favourite settings for your favourite temperature control tanks and coils!

As well as variable-wattage and variable-temperature modes the Aspire Archon even has a ‘bypass’ mode, which ignores the regulating chip of the device all together and gives you as much power as the battery can supply with its current remaining charge.

Intelligent Mod Firmware

The Archon even features upgradeable firmware, meaning that when upgrades become available (through Aspire’s website) you can plug the mod into your computer and download whole new settings for the regulating chip.
Maybe even an increase to the maximum wattage output, an upgrade which a number of devices have received before.

There’s also a Child Lock, to keep children from using their parent’s e-cigarette, which is activated right from the screen of the Archon itself, no PC connection required.

For a little extra fun personalisation you can even change the welcome message that displays when you switch the Aspire Archon on.

 Grab the Aspire Archon Today!

This great mod is available right now and would be the perfect device for anyone looking for a powerful, stylish and versatile e-cigarette. Or simply a great one to add to your collection. It would even make a fantastic Christmas gift for the vaper in your life.

Grab your Aspire Archon from or from one of our stores. The Archon is available in the following locations:

TABlites Northern Quarter
56 Oak Street
M4 5JA

TABlites Royal Exchange
Royal Exchange Arcade
St. Ann’s Square
M2 7EA

TABlites Salford Quays
Lowry Outlet Mall
Salford Quays
M50 3AH

TABlites Leeds
St Johns Shopping Centre
West Yorkshire

TABlites Huddersfield
Kingsgate Shopping Centre

TABlites Romford
The Mercury Mall Level 2
Mercury Gardens

As well as at our franchise stores.
Click here to see the TABlites Store Locator.

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Why not try Aspire’s brand new Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm Atomiser Tank?

What do you think of the Aspire Archon?
Let us know in comments below.

*When using any kind of battery it always pays to keep safety in mind. With paired 18650 sized batteries this is especially true.
For more information on Battery Safety please read the TABlites Battery Safety Section by clicking here.

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