How the lives of e-cigarette users have changed since the switch

E-cigarettes are one of the greatest innovations of recent times. A lot of time and effort has been invested in ensuring this technology does what it’s intended to do, and more and more people are now choosing to use an e-cigarette instead of the traditional alternative.

Speak to the majority of smokers and they’ll tell you they regret ever starting to smoke in the first place:- A research project carried out by Cancer Research UK found that more than 80 percent of smokers regret starting smoking, and firmly try to persuade other people not to.

Of course, like with any piece of new technology, there has been a certain amount of controversy when it comes to the introduction of e-cigarettes, with politicians claiming that they would ‘re-normalise’ smoking. YouGov carried out a survey which discovered that of all the people who use electronic cigarettes, only 0.1% have never smoked a traditional cigarette.

What does this mean for people that have made the switch then? Below is a list of reasons to use e-cigs given by ex-smokers and current smokers:

To help stop smoking tobacco completely: Ex-smokers 71%, Current smokers 36%

Had already tried to quit smoking and needed an aid to keep off tobacco: Ex-smokers 48%, Current smokers 27%

Felt they were addicted to tobacco and couldn’t stop using it: Ex -smokers 44%, Current smokers 17%

To save money instead of smoking tobacco: Ex-smokers 39%, Current smokers 37%

To make sure people around don’t have any risk of second hand tobacco smoke: Ex-smokers 33%, Current smokers 19%

To reduce the amount of tobacco being smoked, but not without stopping smoking completely: Ex-smokers 15%, Current smokers 48%

Actually wanted to carry on smoking tobacco, but needed something in cases where it’s not allowed: Ex-smokers 11%, Current smokers 30%

For a lot of smokers it used to be horrible; they’d be on a night out, they’d have to queue up to get outside, jostling with other people just so they could stand in the rain and get a tobacco fix. Although there are certain establishments that won’t allow you to vape inside, the majority of locations will let you use an e-cigarette so that you don’t have to deal with terrible weather conditions.

A surprising occurrence that people didn’t realise would happen is ‘social smokers’ choosing to use e-cigarettes instead of the real thing. People on a night out might choose to smoke because of their friends doing the same, or they don’t want to be left alone while everyone nips off for a cig. Not having to deal with the hazardous chemicals that are present in standard cigarettes but still allowing for that social interaction is a great benefit that more people are embracing on a daily basis.

Although e-cigarettes haven’t been around for a long time, a lot of time and effort has been invested to ensure they’re able to be sold on the market, with the main ingredients being propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. These chemicals aren’t anything new either, as they’re both used with hundreds of different applications, the food and medical industries being two of the list that have used them for well over half a century.

At Tablites we’re proud to sell e-cigarettes as a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you have any questions about the products we have available get in contact today, or join the conversation on Twitter: @TABlites.




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