Firefly 2+ Quickstart Guide

The Firefly 2+ is simple to use, but also a little unintuitive. With a little practice, you’ll have top-shelf vapor anywhere you go. Follow our Quickstart Guide to fall in love, from your first session.

Fully charge it first

It’s best to fully charge your battery before the first use. Plug the micro-USB end of the charge cord into the charging dock, and the other end into a USB charge port. The good news is, the Firefly 2+ charges quickly. It charges in less than two hours plugged into a computer, but you can shorten that wait time to 45 minutes or less by using a wall charger with the USB charge cable. The Firefly’s light will flash blue when charging, and turn solid blue when it’s ready to use.

firefly 2 plus charging

firefly 2 plus charging

Optional burn off

We recommend running the heater empty with almost any new vaporizer, to burn off residual residues from manufacturing. With the Firefly 2+, this is a quick process. Just hold both buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds, until it shuts the heat off on its own. Do this two or three times, and if you don’t smell anything concerning, you’re good to go!

Medium to coarse grind

The Firefly 2+ works best with a chunkier grind, on the medium to coarse side. If you grind too finely, the hot air can create tunnels through the herb, and blow herbs into the vapor path, ruining the vapor. The goal is to keep the herbs from moving around in the bowl.

Full pack

Open the lid, and loosely fill the bowl with your ground herbs, until there is a little mound sticking up. Gently tamp the herbs down, and put the lid back on. When you look through the window, you should see the herbs touching the glass. It’s okay to overpack a little bit, because the herbs will shrink during the session, and we don’t want them to move around as they get smaller.

firefly 2 plus in hand

firefly 2 plus in hand

The Firefly draw

Cradle the Firefly in one of your hands with the light facing up, so that you can touch both buttons with your thumb and middle finger. It should feel like you’re lighting a Sherlock pipe, or speaking into your phone’s microphone while on speaker. The Firefly 2+ is ready to hit in three seconds. Continually touch both buttons simultaneously, and wait for the third blink that stays solid green. Keep touching the sensors throughout your draw.

Bring the mouthpiece to your lips and start to inhale through the Firefly. If it feels like it’s hard to pull the air through, slow your draw speed until it feels comfortable, even if it feels slow. Continue your draw for at least ten seconds. Slow and steady is the best pace. The longer you draw, the thicker the vapor will get, as the temperature increases. It will time out after 30 seconds, which is probably longer than you’ll last. When you’re done, let go of the buttons, enjoy the taste, sit back, and relax!

Stir it up

After two or three hits, open up the lid and stir the bowl with something like a toothpick. Push the herbs back into the bowl, put the lid back on, and take the next hit at your leisure. If you can’t find anything to stir with, wait for the herbs to cool down a little, then try dumping the herbs onto your palm, and back onto the Firefly. This is a convection vaporizer, so you’ll have to stir at some point to get an even roast, and full extraction. Stir at different times with different sessions, and find what works best for you

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