Firefly 2+ Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The Firefly 2+ vaporizer is incredibly easy to clean. Most of the time, you’ll just wipe the shiny parts with an alcohol wipe. Sometimes a deeper cleaning will free up some of that precious air flow. Whatever you’re faced with, we’ll cover the bases for you.

What you’ll need

The Firefly Cleaning Kit has everything you need, including some alcohol pads, a brush, a toothpick, and a needle. You’ll use fresh alcohol pads every time you clean the Firefly 2+, and the toothpick and needle to clear the screens for deeper cleanings. If you’re going for that mirrored finish, get a soft cloth, too.

Remove the battery

You never know when you’ll accidentally hit the touch sensor buttons and misfire the heater. Take that mishap out of play now by removing the battery. Slide the bottom cover away from the mouthpiece, lift it off, and pull out the battery. Put the bottom cover back on during the cleaning. You don’t have to do this, but it will keep you from touching the battery contacts inside the Firefly.

Clean the deck and bowl

Grab your brush, and take the top lid off the Firefly. Brush off any bits of herbs on the lid, the mirrored deck, and in the bowl. Open an alcohol pad and wipe off the bowl and mirrored deck. When you wipe out the bowl, hold the Firefly with the bottom facing up, so alcohol drips out of the bowl, instead of into it. Use the toothpick to scrape off any stubborn spots in the bowl.

Firefly 2 Plus Lid Off

Firefly 2 Plus Lid Off

Clean the lid

Use the alcohol pad to wipe the glass surface on the underside of the lid. Be careful with the grey gasket that goes around the outer edge of the lid. You don’t want the alcohol to touch it. It’s inevitable that it touches the very edge of the gasket at some point, and we haven’t lost one yet, but you don’t want to get it wet.

Clean the mouthpiece and screens

If you feel like the air flow has decreased over time, you’re ready to check the screens for clogs. Use the Airflow Needle that came with your cleaning kit, or a regular needle, and poke through any clogged holes in the oven screen.

Wiggle off the mouthpiece and find the little screen inside. If it’s shiny, and only has some bits of herb on it, use the toothpick to poke them off. If the screen is dull or sticky, pry it out with the toothpick, paying attention to the screen orientation. It only goes in one way, indentations first. Wipe off the screen with the alcohol wipe, and let it dry.

Firefly 2 Plus

Firefly 2 Plus

Put it all back together

Put the screen back in the mouthpiece, the same way it came out. Push the mouthpiece back into the Firefly. It only goes in one way, with the screen’s access hole facing up. Put the top lid back on, and remove the bottom battery cover. Reinstall battery, and slide the cover back on.

Extra credit

If you brought a soft cloth along, well done. You appreciate the finer things in life. After the deck and lid have dried, use the cloth to buff out any streaks left behind by alcohol, until you’ve got a mirrored polish. Once again, be careful with that gasket on the underside of the lid, or you can rub it off. When it’s back to like-new condition, the Firefly 2+ is a centerpiece vaporizer. Enjoy that perfect reflection, and smile back at yourself. You deserve it!

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