DynaVap Shows Off Blue Anodized Titanium VapCaps

DynaVap’s pocketable vaporizers are a great way to get in a quick session, and are great for anywhere you don’t have a power source to charge your batteries. In dressed down wood, titanium, and stainless steel, they’re attractive, but subtle.

They also have a habit of rolling out small runs of fun and unique components. On May 24th, during a DynaVap Live, founder George Breiwa announced a selection of anodized titanium parts in a variety of colors. First up will be the a deep, vivid blue, which you’ll be able to pre-order from Dynavap starting the week of May 27th.

A colorful process

DynaVap is able to produce these anodized titanium VapCaps through a simple, but precise process. The finished parts are cleaned thoroughly, then submerged in a bath of standard vinegar. As voltage is applied to the solution, it creates the colorful oxide. As Breiwa put it in the DynaVap Live from May 24, “The colors are very controllable based upon the voltage that we’re passing through the parts and pieces and components in the electrolyte bath.” Through careful control of the various conditions, they’re able to reproduce colors with great consistency and accuracy.

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More to come and availability

Eventually, DynaVap plans to offer a series of different colors, showing off sample VapCaps in pink, teal, purple, and gold. They’re still working on planning out the launch details of the other colors, but expect to see them pop up slowly in the next few weeks. No word on whether resellers like us will be able to stock them yet, but we’ll update you if we have the opportunity.

For now, you’ll have to sate your thirst for colorful new VapCaps with blue titanium parts next week. We’ll continue to update this post as DynaVap shows off new oxidized titanium parts over the coming weeks.

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