Don’t Get Fooled: How to Spot a Fake Elf Bar

Without a doubt, the Elf Bar, aka Elfbar or EBar, has become one of the top-performing disposables of the last year – more specifically, the Elf Bar BC5000. In fact, it’s so popular that knockoffs are beginning to sprout up more and more these days, which is concerning, to say the least. Because we at Vape Juice Depot believe in safe vaping practices, we’re here to help you spot a fake to avoid disappointment at best and serious harm at worst.

How to Check if Your Elf Bar is Legitimate

If you’ve come across an Elf Bar vape, and you’re unsure as to whether or not it’s the real deal, there are some things that you can do to verify its legitimacy. Fakes are always going to exist on the market. After all, vapes are, unfortunately, easy to replicate, at least in terms of appearance. But the problem is that when you have a fake, you don’t actually know what it is that you’re vaping. A company that’s shady enough to create a fake is likely to use cheaper ingredients and hardware to make more of a profit off of unknowing customers, and that’s where the risks come into play. Of course, at the very least, a fake Elf Bar is going to be disappointing.

So, how can you spot a fake to know that you should avoid that product altogether? There are a few things that can act as a dead giveaway right off the bat. First, look at the product’s label to look for spelling or grammatical errors. Elf doesn’t have any errors in the copy on their label, so that will tell you right away that the product is not authentic.

Even better, Elf makes it easy for you to verify the legitimacy of a product by offering a security code on the side of the box. This is a QR code that you can quickly scan using your phone, which will bring you to Elf’s website. If the code is fake, Elf’s website will tell you immediately, so you know that you’re handling an inauthentic product that you should not purchase.

Do Fake Elf Bars Taste Differently?

If there’s one thing that the brand is known for, it’s the variety of delicious Elfbar flavors. The company has earned a reputation for making some of the best-tasting vapes on the market, and that comes from their use of exceptional-quality ingredients paired with expert blending techniques.  

Of course, if you’re vaping a fake, even the best Elf bar flavors that the illegitimate brand is trying to replicate won’t taste as good. That’s because a knockoff brand is going to use cheaper ingredients to make more of a profit off of their product that’s sold at the same retail price.

The bottom line is that no fake brand is going to put effort into making their flavors taste as good as Elf themselves. So, buying a knockoff just isn’t worth it, because it’s unlikely you’ll be satisfied.

Are Fake Elf Bars Dangerous?

Of course, the bigger concern is that a knockoff company is using dangerous ingredients in their e-liquid formula. They may do this to save money, as there are a lot of cheap ingredients that are known to cause harm. One of the biggest offenders is vitamin E, which has been found in black-market vapes in the past and has been linked to a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

Basically, if a company is sketchy enough to sell knockoff Elf Bars, you can’t trust that they have their customers’ best interests in mind. There are all kinds of dangerous ingredients that can be put into a vape juice without the customer’s knowledge, and you really don’t want to take the risk.

Aside from the e-liquid formula itself, a fake Elf Bar may be dangerous in terms of the hardware. For instance, cheaply made batteries may explode, which could put you at serious risk of harm. People may underestimate just how much work goes into creating a safe vaping product, like the products provided by Elf.

How to Avoid Fakes Altogether

If you’re worried about encountering a fake, the good news is that there are ways to avoid them altogether. It really comes down to knowing where to shop for your Elf Bars. If you’re looking for the “closest Elf Bar near me” on Google, chances are you’ll come across a number of gas stations and convenience stores carrying the product. The thing is that these types of stores are more likely to unknowingly carry fakes since they’re not managed by experts in the vaping industry.

We recommend finding at trustworthy online vape shop that has lots of positive reviews, like Vape Juice Depot. This way, you know that every product carried by that online retailer is authentic, as they have a reputation for carrying only legitimate and high-quality products. While local vape shops may also carry Elf Bars, buying online is more convenient, and it’s easier to read reviews and be sure that the company is selling legitimate products. 


It’s unfortunate that fake Elf Bars exist, but also, it’s not surprising. After all, this product has taken the vaping world by storm. But, at the same time, you don’t want to end up with a fake, especially since you don’t actually know what ingredients are in a fake Elf Bar e-liquid formula.

Fortunately, you can avoid fakes by simply sticking to Vape Juice Depot. For years, we’ve maintained a reputation for being honest and incredibly strict with the products we carry and the brands that we work with. All of our products are 100% genuine – after all, if we were carrying fakes, we wouldn’t have lasted this long in the industry. If you’re seeking authentic Elf Bars, we’re happy to accommodate you with a massive selection of Elf Bar flavors at fantastic prices to boot. Explore our selection of Elf Bar products and other vaping goods today.

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