Disposable vape alternatives

Disposable vapes have proven to be a popular alternative to smoking and are currently by far the most in-demand vaping option, with brands such as Elf Bar taking the world by storm. However, they are designed for temporary use and are not exactly budget-friendly if used long-term. More people are making the jump from disposable vapes to more environmentally-friendly vaping options, such as rechargeable and refillable vape kits. There are excellent disposable vape alternatives on the market, that give the same feeling as a disposable while being better for the planet and your wallet.

In this guide, we will outline why you should stop smoking disposables and explore the best alternative to disposable vapes. Continue reading to find out more about the environmentally conscious and affordable options we have at Tablites.

Why you should stop smoking disposable vapes

There are a number of reasons why you should stop using disposable vapes and seek vape alternatives. These include:


One of the most apparent reasons to ditch the disposable vape is that it is not an affordable solution in the long term. They can cost anywhere from £3 to £6, and if you are an avid vaper, you could end up spending around £30 to £70 a week on vapes. The best alternative to disposable vape pricing are refillable pod kits, as although they might initially cost more, they will last you a lot longer and cost you a lot less in the long run.

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Not environmentally friendly

Disposable vapes generate a lot of waste and are not good for the environment. The vapes are designed to be thrown away after they run out of vape juice and are rarely recycled. Research by Material Focus found that the number of disposable vapes that are thrown away annually has quadrupled in a year to five million per week. This equates to eight per second. To add to this, only 17% of vapers say that they recycle disposable vapes in a shop or local recycling centre.


The appeal of disposable vapes is that they are ready to go straight from the box and require no maintenance. However, considering that they don’t typically last very long, users often find themselves purchasing a new product multiple times a week. The 600-puff disposable vapes are the most popular, with many longer-lasting disposables banned in the UK. This means those with a considerable habit have no choice but to purchase multiple disposables, unless they choose a refillable kit instead.

The best vapes that hit like disposables

We have many disposable vape alternatives at Tablites, from pod to pen vape kits. We stock everything you need to make the switch from disposables. Let’s take a look at the best alternatives to disposable vapes that we stock:

Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini


Icy Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini

Icy Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini

This vape is a compact and portable pod-style vape kit that boasts a long-lasting 1000mAh battery and will support all-day vaping between charges. If you are a disposable vape user, the Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini is the perfect next step in your vaping journey. It provides similar performance and minimal maintenance as well as auto draw technology, like a disposable.  This reusable vape is designed to last, making it more affordable than disposables  in the long term.

This vape kit can be paired with nic salt e-liquids, such as Elfiq vape juice by Elf Bar. This range contains all the same flavours as they do with disposable vape bars.

Aspire Gotek X


Aspire Gotek X

Aspire Gotek X

The Aspire Gotek X is the latest edition in the Aspire Gotek series of compact, portable and palm sized pod system vape kits by Aspire. It features a built-in 650mAh battery that supplies a constant 3.6V output that should easily provide a full day of vaping between charges. If you have previously used disposable vapes, this kit is a great next step to switching to a rechargeable vape device.

MTL pod kits, such as this, can be paired with Maryliq Nic Salt E-Liquid and Crystal E-Liquid by SKE in a variety of flavours familiar to disposable vape users.

Uwell Caliburn A3S Kit

Uwell Caliburn A3S Vape Pod Kit

Uwell Caliburn A3S Vape Pod Kit

The Uwell Caliburn A3S pod system vape kit is an easy to use kit that features a 520mAh built-in battery that can be quickly charged thanks to the USB-C charging capabilities. Perfect for customers switching over from disposable vapes to a more permanent solution, as they can recharge this device and refill it with their favourite e-liquid.

Elux Legend Nic Salt E-Liquid is available in 10mg and 20mg, which make them ideal for use in MTL pod kits such as this.

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The best vape juices that taste like disposables

If you love the taste of disposable vape flavours, Tablites has you covered. We have over 100 different flavours of vape juice designed to replicate the taste and sensation of disposable vapes, such as Elf Bar, Elux and Lost Mary. We also stock our own premium range of e-liquid inspired by disposable vape flavours.

Explore all the disposable vape flavoured e-liquids that we have available in our store.

Find the best disposable vape alternatives with Tablites

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