Different Types of Vapes – A Quick Overview

More people than ever before are switching from cigarettes to vaping products to continue satisfying their nicotine cravings without taking in the hundreds of harmful chemicals found in cigarette tobacco. Vaping can provide just as much satisfaction while offering a wide selection of mouthwatering flavors, thanks to the ever-growing e-liquid market. 

Once a person decides that they’re ready to start vaping, one of the most important things that they need to do is explore the different types of vapes – that is, vaping systems – to figure out which one is going to suit their specific needs. Each type of vaping system, as there are different types of vapes, is great, with specific pros and cons that are completely subjective to the user’s preferences and demands.

What Do I Need to Know About Vapes?

Ultimately, all vaping systems work similarly and have the same general components. There’s the device itself (the mod), which contains the battery, and sometimes has adjustable settings. Attached to the mod is the atomizer (tank, pod cartridge, etc.), which holds the e-liquid and contains a coil, which is heated through the battery to vaporize the e-liquid inside the atomizer. The mouthpiece of the atomizer is held to the vaper’s lips to take in a pull of vapor.

But, the more specific nature of each vaping system is unique. Some types of vaping systems are smaller than others, some have more adjustable features than others, and some are more user-friendly than others – and so on. Let’s review the different vapes you can find in today’s market.

What is a Vape Pen?

First off, we have a vape pen – in this case, what we’re referring to is a disposable vape pen, which is an incredibly popular type of vape currently. A disposable vape pen, often referred to as just a “disposable,” is an ultra-small kit designed to be as user-friendly and low-maintenance as possible – as well as portable. A disposable consists of a small battery, which is sometimes rechargeable and not built into the device's chassis. Attached permanently to the chassis is the e-liquid cartridge, which almost always contains salt-based nicotine – the most potent form of nicotine there is – and a coil. The device is ready to use out of the box and, thus, cannot be refilled.

What is a Pod Mod?

Next, we have a vape pod mod, also designed to be portable and user-friendly. The difference is that a vape pod mod (a pod system) is much more customizable and requires maintenance using an integrated, rechargeable battery. Also, the battery component (the mod) and the cartridge are separate detachable components. Pod systems vary from those that require only charging and refilling of the cartridge to those with many customizable features, interchangeable coils, and more. Some pod systems also use pre-filled pods, which just attach to the battery, and the pods are disposable, but the battery is not. Like disposables, pod systems are compatible with salt-based nicotine, but some also have compatibility with freebase nicotine e-liquids, depending on which settings are selected.

What is a Pen Mod?

Pen mods are the next level up from a pod system. But, the big distinctive difference is that pen mod systems use freebase nicotine, not salt-based nicotine, and are therefore associated with producing bigger clouds and offering a somewhat less potent (but still satisfying) nicotine hit. 

Pen mods usually take a single external lithium-ion battery, although some newer models use integrated batteries, just like disposables and pod systems. They get their name from their elongated, cylindrical shape, larger than a pod system. A separate tank is attached to the device and uses interchangeable coils while being refillable. Most pen mods have output presets, which allow you to choose between usually 3-4 different power mode options. The battery must be removed and charged separately.

What is a Box Mod?

The most common type of vape mod, for most of the time that vaping has been around, is a box mod. It’s the most advanced, high-powered, and largest type of vaping system. A box mod often takes two external lithium-ion batteries (some take one and are smaller and lower-powered), enabling it to reach the highest output levels. Box mod systems are for those who desire big clouds of vapor. They are compatible with sub-ohm vape tanks, which are refillable, large tanks that use interchangeable coils. These tanks take freebase nicotine e-liquids, just like pen mods.

Box mod systems also come with the most adjustable features, a big part of their appeal. There’s a large selection of wattage levels; many have different output settings (temperature control, etc.), adjustable airflow, and more. Of course, with that comes more responsibility, as you have to be willing to tinker around with your device to get the right settings for your needs.

Which Type of Vape Should You Buy?

Now that we’ve gone over the main vape types let’s talk about choosing the one best suited for you. Here are the things to consider.

Maintenance - User-Friendliness

Ask yourself how much effort you want to put into using and maintaining your system. A disposable device requires just about no maintenance, adjustments, or replacement of individual components. You just pull on your device once you take it out of the box. Box mod systems, by comparison, require the most amount of maintenance and technological know-how.


Another thing to consider is how portable you want the device to be. The most portable systems are disposable devices and pod systems, while box mods are still small but harder to slide into a pocket, for instance – not to mention heavier.

Nicotine Type

As we said, some mod systems are compatible with freebase nicotine, some salt-based nicotine, and some both. Consider which of the two you prefer. If you’re more interested in the potency of nicotine, salt-based is ideal, while freebase nic is more compatible with blowing big clouds of vapor.


Also, some devices have more adjustable settings and customizable features than others. As we said, generally speaking, box mod systems are the most customizable, while disposable devices are not customizable at all.


Lastly, ask yourself how much power you want. Box mods can reach 200+ watts, meaning you’ll get massive clouds. Disposables and pod mods operate at lower output levels.  

When choosing the right vaping system for your needs, there are plenty of things to consider. The good news is that there are so many choices out there that everyone is guaranteed to find what they’re looking for. If you’re vaping for quitting smoking, and want to check out the different vape types, then it’s time to look for a reputable online vape shop like Vape Juice Depot and explore what’s available.

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