Did You Make the Switch this Stoptober?

You probably did if you’re here, so welcome!

By choosing the (95%) healthier alternative you’ve joined millions of vapers around the world who enjoy electronic cigarettes.
Maybe you took advantage of our Vapetober Deals and have tried our tobacco flavoured E-Liquid, or menthol if that’s more your style, but did you know we have hundreds of other E-Liquids for you to try? That’s right; in our Premium range we have over 30 unique flavours with loads of nicotine strength options (we even offer you 3 bottles for just £10, or a whopping 10 bottles for just £30! Bargain!) and we always have a huge range of guest E-Liquids from all over the world that you can fall in love with too!
Right now among others we’ve got DRPN Donuts’ fantastic glazed donut flavours in high-VG cloud juice; they’re delicious!
We’re always on the lookout for new ranges too, so there’s always something new to try and you’re bound to find your new favourite flavour at TABlites. Trust us; if we wouldn’t vape it, it never hits our shelves. Stay tuned for some brand new ranges coming soon, too. We’re really excited about them and you will be too!

By the way, for those loyal customers who were wondering; practically every Premium Range E-Liquid that was popular enough to sell out is now back in stock for your vaping pleasure.

It’s not just juice either, we’ve also got a whole load of devices to power your vaping life, everything from spare batteries and clearomisers like you’d find in our starter kits, up to high end mods and cloud tanks to take your vape to the next level.
There’s a whole world of ways to improve your vape, like extra battery life, variable-voltage and wattage and even variable-temperature devices too! TABlites are always on hand to help you find the right kit for you. We don’t want to send you away with something unsatisfying; it would ruin our day.

Now you’re a vaper you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Twitter too, we’re always announcing new products as well as running super competitions and generally chatting to our customers about their vaping lives. You can let us know how you’re getting on with your new electronic cigarette there.

Remember, there’s nothing worse than running out of your favourite juice, or having a battery die on you when you’re away from a charger. Grab a couple of spares, be prepared.


We’re glad you’ve decided to join us on the road to a healthier alternative to smoking. We hope you’ll stick with us along the way.
As well as our social media accounts you can also get in touch with TABlites:
By phone on 0161 832 4311
Or you can email info@tablites.com

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