CLIC ☆ BEST CLOSED POD SYSTEM Flavor Surprise ☆ Unboxing & Review

The new draw-activated CLiC Vapor Pod System will transport you into the future of vaping as an alternative to regular smoking.


CLiC is made for smokers, with its high nicotine delivery system it’s just right for you if you try to quit smoking. Pods in the device are not refillable, while the device is rechargeable. But that’s not all, with an impressive 350mAh battery capacity the device will definitely stand out.

Wanna more? With its simplicity CliC is offering a smart temperature control which means that you no longer need any buttons to press, it is automatically regulated within the device to ensure the best vape experience.

The best part of the pods that are compatible with the CliC is the E-liquid. With the partnership with the most renowned e-liquid companies like VGOD, BLVK, One Hit Wonder, it comes with 24 different flavor options for pods worth to try out.

Let’s check the device to know if you can make friends with CliC and find out the vape performance by a side by side comparison with the MYLÉ device.

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