Boundless CF Quickstart Guide (+Video)

The Boundless CF is, among other things, easy to use. It has simple controls, a flexible loading style, and it’s easy to tell when you’re drawing too fast. Our quickstart guide will take you from unboxing all the way through your first session.

What’s in the box

Boundless CF in hand

Boundless CF in hand


Before you do anything else, you’ll want to fully charge the Boundless CF. This will take two to two and a half hours, and will charge faster with a wall adapter than it will plugged into a computer. The light will be red while it’s charging, and will turn green when it’s charged.

Boundless CF lights on

Boundless CF lights on


To turn on the Boundless CF, press the power button five times quickly. It will immediately start heating up towards the last used temperature. Press the button twice quickly to change the temperature, or three times quickly to show the current battery level. You can shut it off by pressing the power button five times, or waiting five minutes for it to shut off on its own.


It’s a good idea to run a burnoff cycle to make sure there’s no residue left over from manufacturing or shipping. Put the mouthpiece on, then turn the heat up to level 5. Let it run on its own, with nothing in the oven, until it shuts off on its own. Repeat this process three to five times, or until there are no weird smells left.

Boundless CF lying down with mouthpiece removed

Boundless CF lying down with mouthpiece removed


Twist the mouthpiece 90 degrees counter-clockwise then lift to expose the oven. We recommend grinding your herb to a medium consistency, like cracked pepper, but the Boundless CF is pretty flexible. Loosely fill the chamber, then gently tamp it down, so it isn’t pressed too tightly. Start out on setting three, which is 385° F, for your first session, and once it reaches temperature, pull with a light to medium draw speed. If you start to feel resistance, back off a bit. You might need to stir a couple of times during an oven for a full extraction.

Finish up

When you’re all done, make sure to immediately dump out the oven. Brush off the mouthpiece screen and the inside of the oven so that no residue can build up over time. If your Boundless CF isn’t smelling so fresh, our cleaning and maintenance guide can help you have it looking brand new.

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