Big batch of vape accessories added!

The right vaporizer accessory can have a big effect on your vape sessions. Some take you to new places and showcase tastes you didn’t know were there. Others alter the look to match your mood or style. Whatever your reasons, everyone loves to accessorize. We recently added a bunch of new toys, so let’s get to it!

Trick out your vape with new mouthpieces

If you’re ready to give your vape a new look, we’ve got you covered. Trick out your black Arizer portable with a matching black Arizer mouthpiece for that super-stealthy feel. If the Dynaverse is your thing, we’ve got a rainbow of glass DynaVap Glass Hula stems that are dimpled to cool the vapor. If you want to change up the look, feel and taste of your Crafty+, Mighty, or Boundless CFX, swap the plastic mouthpiece out with this glass one. Don’t forget to keep your Mighty upright with one of our Mighty stands, in matching plastic or sturdy metal.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand

Mighty Vaporizer Stand

Crafty(+)/Mighty/Boundless CF/CFX Glass Mouthpiece

Crafty(+)/Mighty/Boundless CF/CFX Glass Mouthpiece

Cool that vapor with a bubbler

There are many benefits to running your vapor through a water bubbler. It cools the vapor, so you can take bigger and longer hits at higher temperatures. If you find the highest temperatures on your vape are hot or harsh, filter the vapor with water and find the effects you’ve been missing! It also filters out any loose bits that got through the oven screen, so you won’t cough as much the next day.

We have an even deeper selection of water pipe adapters (wpa's) to pick from. We’ve had silicone adapters for a while, but now you can get glass wpa’s, too. This PAX Water Pipe Adapter is made entirely of glass, and slips over the mouthpiece. Our latest wpa’s for the Mighty and Crafty+ have glass connections to mate with scientific glass joints. The ArGo water pipe adapter replaces the original stem, and has a universal adapter to fit 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm glass joints. One adapter for all three!Arizer ArGo 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter and Glass Bubbler Rig

Arizer ArGo 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter and Glass Bubbler Rig

Arizer ArGo 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter

Arizer ArGo 3-In-1 Water Pipe Adapter

Want to connect your whip vaporizer (such as your Arizer Extreme Q or Ditanium) to your scientific glass? This universal vaporizer wpa is tapered to fit 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm joints with one piece!

Make the connection

If you have a vape and a bubbler at home, it’s time to pair the two together! These glass adapters will go a long way towards making the connection. A lot of glass pieces use scientific glass with ground glass joints tapered to 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm. But what if your glass joint is a different size than your vape adapter? You don’t have to buy a whole new vape or bubbler. Just convert the glass connection with one of these adapters. Make sure you know the dimensions of the connections on your glass and vape, so you get the correct adapter for you.Glass Adapters

Glass Adapters

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