Best Vape Tanks in 2021

Each year, it seems as though vape hardware gets more capable of meeting our unique vaping needs with exquisite features and design elements. Today, we are going to be covering the best vape tanks of 2021, based on reviews, buying trends, and our own experiences with these exceptional pieces of vaping hardware.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks

Even as pod systems have grown tremendously in popularity, it’s clear that sub-ohm tanks are not going anywhere. These tanks provide enormous clouds and bold flavor that ensures maximum satisfaction each time the vaper takes a puff. Let’s examine the best sub-ohm vape tanks of 2021.Uwell Valyrian 2

Uwell’s tanks have been lauded as some of the best ever produced, and the Valyrian 2 is certainly no exception. Renowned for its ability to deliver huge, fluffy clouds without sacrificing flavor, it’s certain to satisfy any sub-ohm lover.  One appealing feature is the leakproof technology that comes from a self-cleaning mechanism that redistributes condensation that naturally occurs when a hit is fired. Further, it’s easy to fill with its top-filling design and offers a generous e-juice capacity.


SMOK’s tanks rarely disappoint, and the TFV16 was one of the top-selling choices of 2020. It’s a sturdy, high-capacity vape tank with the ability to give you some of the most massive clouds you’ve ever had the pleasure of exhaling, with an intense, rich flavor that’s unforgettable. SMOK is known for offering a generous variety of coils with its tanks, and you’ll love playing with different configurations while you explore what this tank can do. It also features an advanced airflow system that improves the quality of each puff.

Aspire Cleito Pro

The Aspire Cleito Pro is for lower-wattage vaping, which is becoming trendier as time goes on. It is also known for its sleek and sophisticated visual design that stands out among other tanks on the market. The Cleito Pro allows you to savor dreamy-tasting clouds that are thick and luxurious while operating at lower power levels, making it great for those who do not want to use the highest output options on their mods.

Best RDA Tanks

RDA vape tanks continue to evolve with new and exciting features that make hardware junkies swoon. Here are our picks for the best RDA vape tanks of 2021.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2

Hellvape continues to impress us each year with its stunningly advanced RDA tanks with loads of exciting features. The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 will give you some of the most sensational flavors you’ve ever tasted while vaping, with innovative airflow mechanisms and brilliant construction. It’s user-friendly when it comes to building, and uniquely compatible with squonking as well. Also, being constructed from exceptional materials is a huge plus.

Vandy Vape Mesh V2

With its beautiful aesthetics and high-end construction, the Vandy Vape Mesh V2 is a stunner without a doubt. It’s excellent for both squonking and dripping and offers some really phenomenal cloud potential while providing nothing but unbeatable flavor. It’s another RDA that’s easy to build on and offers a particularly generous juice well.

Wotofo Profile Mesh V1.5

The Wotofo Profile Mesh V1.5 stands out for several reasons, and this mesh RDA truly gives you a distinctively satisfying vape time and time again. The adjustable honeycomb airflow is a brilliant feature, and the build deck is quite large. A spring clamp ensures constant contact between the mesh and the cotton, which does wonders for flavor and cloud production. In other words, you can say goodbye to dry hits.

Best GeekVape

GeekVape has had quite a year in the hardware department, with their tanks standing out with superior features and construction. Here are the two best GeekVape tanks moving into 2021.Cerebrus 

Compatible with the exceptional Super Mesh Coil Series, the Cerebrus Tank improves ramp-up time in a noticeable way while delivering some of the finest flavor possible. It offers a large juice capacity while ensuring even heat distribution from the coil in order to supercharge your cloud action.  It also features an oversized fill port that makes it easier to refill on the go.


The Zeus Tank from GeekVape is another stellar choice, with large adjustable airflow holes and a truly leakproof design. The flavor is clean, rich, and complex, with smooth clouds that never disappoint. The swap coil system makes it very easy to switch out coils in no time.

What is a Vape Mod?

Of course, a tank is only useful if you have a vape mod to go with it. Let’s explore this essential piece of hardware that is required for enjoying the tanks discussed above.

Box Mod/Vape Mod

A vape mod that is compatible with the tanks we’ve listed is a box mod. This is a fairly large device that can achieve high output levels, which translate to bigger clouds and stronger flavor. There are many mods on the market today, each with its own output capabilities and adjustable features. They have display screens that allow you to navigate through the various settings easily and take high-capacity batteries.

For New Vapers

If you are a new vaper, it is important to choose your vape mod wisely. You must ensure that it is compatible with the tank you intend to purchase, by making sure that it has a 510-threaded connection, and that its output levels are compatible with the resistance levels of the coils that are included with the tank. Mods come in a wide range of prices, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits within your budget. Just make sure that you fully explore what is available on the market in order to select the best one for your needs.

Note that most of the tanks we listed above belong to vaping systems that feature a mod that was designed to be compatible. So, if you want to make things easy for yourself, simply buy the accompanying mod when you buy your tank.

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