Behind the Product: The Story of the Sceptre

The Innokin Sceptre story.

The Sceptre is a hit with top vape reviewers and at shops around the world – vapers love the flavour, the style and the build quality and we couldn’t be more excited. We love the Sceptre too!

The Innokin Sceptre is an MTL/RDL Pod Mod with replaceable a long-lasting 1400mAh battery, button activated and also puff activated, this truly is a fantastic vape!

A great vaporizer is built by a team.

The Sceptre began with 5 goals: amazing flavours, long-lasting coils, automatic MTL/RDL wattage and a big capacity battery in a compact and stylish device.

Behind the scenes, the development of the Sceptre took almost a year from the initial concepts. Making the dream become reality involved hundreds of people at Innokin as well as vape friends and experts from around the world. The Sceptre device and coils were sent to trusted partners for testing before launch and their feedback helped to make the Sceptre truly great.

The secret to great flavours is in the Sceptre coils!

The MTL and RDL mesh coils are the heart of flavour and were a primary focus during development.

Coils react differently depending on the type of eliquid used and there are many types eliquid that are popular around the world. Eliquids from Europe with the 20mg nicotine limit are very different from nic-salts liquid which are popular in America and the high VG many flavoured eliquids from SE Asia. Even though the Sceptre coils are small in size they needed to bring out the best flavour in all these eliquids and be built to last.

Our teams tested many different coil builds and power levels with eliquids from all over the world and created coils the deliver big on flavour with all types of eliquids.

Behind the Product: The Story of the Sceptre

Behind the Product: The Story of the Sceptre

Behind the Product: The Story of the Sceptre


MTL or RDL? What’s your style?

Every vaper has its own preference for heat and airflow and the Sceptre can switch between MTL (Mouth to Lung) or RDL (Restricted Direct Lung) depending on your preference.

Restricted Direct Lung vaping has been growing in popularity for a good reason. It’s somewhere between DTL and MTL. RDL runs at a higher wattage level to power the mesh coils and has a larger airflow. By running the coils at 18 or 20W the device can conserve power so the battery lasts longer and RDL provides a DTL like flavour and cloud experience without using as much eliquid.

Simply switch between the 1.2MTL and the 0.5RDL coils, adjust the airflow and find the experience you’re looking for.




Keep the pod, replace the Coil!

The Sceptre pods also have the unique feature of replaceable coils.

Innokin is selling many millions of products around the world we have been researching new greener technologies with the goal of reducing plastics in our products and packaging.

We met with the heads of the engineering teams and spoke with them at length about how we could create a design that would reduce plastic by keeping the pod and replacing the coil. The design had to be easy to fill, have an adjustable airflow built in and eliminate leaking.

The brainstormed and experimented and returned with the Sceptre pod which accomplishes all of these. Simply twist the base to open and connect a new coil then twist the base closed. Replace the coil, keep the pod and reduce plastic waste.




Love for the Sceptre from around the world.

Making the Sceptre great took time, expertise and a lot of passion. At Innokin our goal is always to help smokers and give vapers a great kit that they can depend on and we are proud of the love the Sceptre is receiving.

The response from vapers around the world has been so great that we are going to be introducing the new Sceptre Royal and Vogue design collections soon and much more. We will be sharing some very exciting news here on the Innokin blog soon so stay tuned.

Have you tried the Sceptre? What do you think? If you have any questions about the development of the Sceptre or any features let us know in the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading. Have a great day and vape on!


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