Arizer Solo II Vaporizer vs Air vs Solo

With the release of the Arizer Solo II, you now have three excellent Arizer portable vaporizers to choose from, so which should you get?

The short answer is, get the original Arizer Solo if on a budget, the Solo 2 if not, and the Arizer Air if portability or interchangeable batteries are most important to you.

There’s a lot more to it than that, so let’s get into it and sort out which one is for you.

The Similarities

Excellent vapor and build quality

All three vapes use the same ceramic heaters, stainless steel bowls and glass stem system, so the taste and feel of the vapor is nearly identical. They all have the same excellent build quality with anodized aluminum shells and are backed by one of the most reliable companies in the industry, so all three are great choices.

Arizer Solo II vs Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo II vs Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The Differences

Heat up time and temperature flexibility

The Solo 2 is a big step forward in terms of heat up time, reaching vaporization temperatures in less than 30 seconds.  The Solo and Air are a bit slower with heat up times of 90-120 seconds.

In terms of temperature selection, the Air gives you 5 temperature settings, the Solo 7 settings, and the Solo2 delivers full digital temperature control to the table.  While some users love the ability to choose their temperature down to the degree, all three vaporizers have enough flexibility to cover the vaporization range.

Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Arizer Solo 2 vs Arizer Air vs Arizer Solo Vaporizer - Planet of the Vapes

Battery life 

The Arizer Solo 2’s battery life of 3 hours is twice that of the original Solo making charging something you don't have to think much about.  The Air, on the other hand, gives you about 60 minutes of run time but with the interchangeable battery, you get that runtime for each charged battery you decide to bring along with you.

Removable batteries? 

The Air is the winner here, with easily interchangeable batteries. Batteries do have a lifespan of about 500 charge and discharge cycles before their performance starts to suffer. With the Air you can just pick up a new battery so that your vaporizer doesn't turn into an expensive paperweight.

While the Solo and Solo 2 don't have batteries that are meant to be swapped out on the fly, they are easy to change and ensure that you won't be left with a paperweight either.  You just need a screwdriver, about 60 seconds and a battery from Arizer to change the battery.

Size and draw restriction

The Solo II has a slightly slimmer profile compared to the original Solo, but only the Air is truly pocketable.

While the draw restriction on the Solo and Air is identical, the Solo 2 has been opened up a little with the add of its stronger heater, giving you noticeably less restriction.

 Arizer Solo II vs. Solo vs. Air display

Arizer Solo II vs. Solo vs. Air display

Display and controls

The Solo 2, Air and Solo all take very different approaches to the display.  The Solo 2 has an easy to read digital display which displays the temperature and the battery life.  The Solo has 7 lights on the front of the vaporizer and displays the battery life when the unit is powered on and the temperature is displayed with the numbers 1-7.  The Air takes a different approach and uses different colors to display the battery life on startup, heater status, and temperature.

All three vaporizers are controlled with onboard buttons.  The up and down buttons make changing the temperature easy, and the Solo 2 adds a 3rd button which works well with some of the additional session controls found on the Solo II.

Price and features

The original Solo is the most economical choice at $99.95 with the Air not far off at $114.95.  The Solo 2 is starting out at $134.95 and is the only unit with adjustable features like the session timer, brightness, volume, C °/ F ° options and power on safety timer.

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Arizer Solo: The most affordable option

At $99.95, the Arizer Solo continues to produce some of the best vapor available at its price point. The competition at this price might be smaller or have more features, but the Solo is for the person who wants the best portable vapor available at an economical price. Time tested with no frills, the Solo is a great vaporizer at a great price.

Which is the best Arizer vaporizer?

All five Arizer portable vaporizers produce similar vapor quality, so it comes down to form and price. The ArGo vaporizer, not included in this comparison, feels like the vape Arizer was meant to make. But each one hits a different sweet spot.

Arizer Air: The most portable option

Arizer Air: The most portable option

The Arizer Air is, quite simply, a pocketable version of the Solo. If you want that same great vapor and (almost) price but need it to move around beyond the house, the Air is for you. The smaller size and removable batteries make it a great choice for long-lasting vapor on the go, and the shorter stems help even more with those quieter sessions.

Arizer Solo II:  The most advanced option

The Arizer Solo 2 is the one I would get if not on a budget and I didn’t NEED removable batteries. Quicker heat up time, 3 hours of battery life, full digital temp control, increased airflow and the new digital features are all things the market has been wanting from Arizer for a while now, so why not start out with the latest model if it’s within your budget? 

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