A beginners guide to E-Cigs and Vape FAQ

As we head into the new year, we often find that we have many new customers looking to get into vaping for the first time but unsure where to start. We know it can be a little confusing to understand some of the terms but it is really very simple and hopefully, this beginners guide to E-Cigs will help you on your journey.

How to choose the right device for you.

Choosing your first e-cig can be a daunting task but with the right guidance it can be an easy and fun experience. We would advise calling into your local Tablites vape shop and having a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff who are highly trained and specialise in offering the very best advice, especially with new starters looking to switch to vaping.

We can offer advice on all aspect of your vaping experience. From vape juice flavoring and nicotine strengths to what hardware is most suitable to your needs.

If you are unable to get to a store then don’t worry you can give us a call on 0161 723 0064 and our customer services team will be happy to help.

We will start by asking a few simple questions to try and gauge which electronic cigarette and e liquids would be the most suitable for you, we will give our opinion and help to point out a number of vaping devices that would be suitable for your needs and the pros and cons of each to give you the best advice to make your decision.

A beginners guide to E-Cigs – How to assemble your vape kit.

Now that you have purchased your shiny new vaping products, you’ll be wondering how to assemble and use it.

If you purchased your device in store one of our team will offer to set the device up for you and give you a comprehensive run down of how to use the device.
Here is a rundown of everything you’ll need to know to get the best out of your e-cig / vape pen.

Once all the components of your starter kit are out of the packaging you will usually have a battery, tank/atomiser, spare coil and a battery charger. As well as a complimentary bottle of e-liquid with every kit purchased from Tablites.

Take the bottle of liquid and the coil you will be using, and add a couple of drops of liquid to the wicking material on the sides of the coil and one or two drops on the top of the coil, this is known as priming the coil. You only need to do this step when installing a new coil for the first.

Once the coil is in place inside the tank you can now fill the tank fully with e-liquid and attach it to your device. Once the coil is in place inside the tank you can now fill the tank fully with e-liquid and attach it to your device.

Now all you have to do is turn the device on (This is usually done via pressing the fire button 5 times quickly) and set it to your desired power setting.

The side of the coil will have the information for the suggested power setting for that coil. It is very important at this point to make sure you do not set the power too high as this can burn the coil out and it will be unusable.

I like to set the power a little lower than it suggests to be on the safe side and then raise the power a little at a time until you reach the desired setting. However as long as it doesn’t taste burnt, then you’re on the right path.

Make sure the tank doesn’t run dry by keeping it topped up with liquid and change the coil when needed (if the flavour starts to taste different or you are getting a burnt taste).

Make sure you charge the battery when needed.
It’s also a good idea to give the tank a good clean out with hot water when you are changing the coil. On the whole vaping is relatively low maintenance.


Vape FAQ’s

Don’t worry. Every vaper was a new vaper once upon a time and it is totally natural to have a few questions.

Here are some answers to questions we often get asked by new vapers.

“How long will the liquid last?”

There is no exact formula to say for certain but a 10ml bottle of liquid does last a good amount of time and will fill a tank several times over. Most people use around 1-2ml of liquid per day so on average you are looking around a week but as you use the device more and get used to vaping you will find your own routine.

“Which liquid is right for my device?”

In any of our stores, we will always advise you which liquid will be best suited for the device you have or supply the correct liquid if you are buying a new kit. On our website there is information on each product page to show exactly which liquid is right for that device but if you are still unsure just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

“How long will my coil last?”

This is a similar answer to the liquid question really, it will largely depend on how often the device is used but on average I’d say around 1-2 weeks is pretty standard.

“Can I charge my battery in the mains?”

The answer is both a yes and no.

We don’t recommend using phone plugs for charging your battery as often a phone requires far more power than an e-cig battery to charge and too much power can break your battery.

We do however have a mains plug that is designed to be used with e-cig batteries on our website that will be much better for your battery.

“Will this stop me from smoking?”

The most common question and also the most difficult one to answer!.

To be completely honest we can’t really say as we don’t have the facts and figures to support any claim but there are several reputable sources that are huge advocates for electronic cigarettes and the benefits they have for current smokers so go and check out the NHS, Public Health England, A.S.H (Action on Smoking and Health) and Stop Smoking U.K websites where you will find a huge amount of health studies and information.

“Are E-cigs safer than smoking?”

In a word, YES! It has been proven in several studies both in the U.K and abroad that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. You will see and hear sensationalist claims in the media from time to time claiming otherwise but always without any substantial evidence to back these claims. We will never say that vaping is 100% safe but we will say with absolute confidence and evidence that vaping is much much safer than smoking. 


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